Great expectations


Christina Hurst-Prager presents a story about one of her clients, a young woman expecting twins.

by Christina Hurst-Prager

I also do breastfeeding counselling and recently the young mum, I’ll call her Margret, phoned as she really wants to breast feed her two boys.

Her main worry at present is that the doctor said the difference between the twins is currently 15 per cent and could increase, which might jeopardise the health of the smaller twin and possibly necessitate a planned caesarian operation relatively early.

As we talked, I noticed that Margret was mainly leaning to her right and was almost continually stroking the left side of her belly. I asked her if she knew the position of the twins. “;Oh, yes,” she replied. “Eric, the larger one is on the left, David, the smaller one on the right.”

“And how did she sleep?” was my next question. Margret said that Eric won’t ‘allow’ her to sleep on the left; he kicks and squirms until she turns over to the right side again.

She was interested in the visualisation I do for small-for-date babies, which works really very well in combination with tapping. I invited her (after the appropriate preparation, of course) to visualise how through her placenta and the umbilical cord more nutrition was flowing to David and how he took it in and grew. We also made contact with Eric to assure him that he would get just as much nutrition as before, that David was not taking any away from him. It was lovely.

Margret is doing the visualisation once or twice a day at home now – she practices yoga and knows how to deeply relax on her own.

At a later point during our consultation I noticed that Margret was stroking the right side of her belly, where David lies. I commented on how beautiful this was, since we know from much research that loving touch helps growing. There are of course many varied possibilities why David is smaller: it is common for one twin to be bigger than the other – but now he is given an extra chance to grow more, if this is in his make up.

It is of course vitally important that the questioning and exploring are done with utmost care. In no way do we want to imply that mum has done something wrong; pregnant women are already deluged with cautionary advice and frightening stories.

The more an expectant mother trusts her body, is in contact with the unborn child/children, the better her pregnancy and birth will be. It is about empowering them.

The brave babies who select to be born now deserve all the care and love we can give them :-)

Much love to all you ‘big babies’ everywhere!


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