Ranjana Appoo presents a hands on approach to self realisation, freedom, love and truth.

by Ranjana Appoo

LiberatingTouch-EFT is a dynamic process of blending EFT with explorations in subtle energy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and experiences with transpersonal awareness, cutting ties and investigations into the way the mind stores suffering and the transformative power of love. It is a way of undoing suffering, confusion, judgement, pain, fear, stuckness, lack of confidence, trauma, and the many wounds of the mind so that you can experience and share truth, love, joy, beauty, enthusiasm, compassion and peace.

Quite simply LiberatingTouch-EFT, like classic EFT, entails tuning into whatever is creating disharmony or distress in your life, getting to the core of it through awareness and inquiry while at the same time stimulating various locations on the face, chest and fingers thus balancing the body’s energetic field and healing mental and emotional resistance, blocks and suffering. Liberating Touch-EFT has the additional components of connecting to the higher consciousness, touch with awareness, breath awareness, meditative inquiry, intuitive listening, story telling, understanding dreams and metaphors, fine arts, music, creative visualisation, eastern philosophy, and breath work.

LiberatingTouch-EFT is a combination of ancient wisdom, transpersonal psychology, and the energy healing methods practised by ancient cultures (for example, traditional Chinese medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, ayurveda) as well as the methods of transformative inquiry developed by the ancient mystics and philosophers (the closest modern day equivalent would be to the Work of Byron Katie or the Sedona method). Many ancient cultures and shamanic traditions believe that we all have an “energy body” and that energy flows through this body as rivers of vital life force. They believed that when this energy flow is out of balance we experience illness, suffering and pain. By combining this understanding of energy with self enquiry, self investigation and self knowledge we can heal the mind and liberate the heart.

Personal healing sessions with LiberatingTouch

With Liberating Touch-EFT, the practitioner gently asks relevant and intuitive questions regarding the problem, the corresponding emotions and perceptions of the issue while engaging the energy body, and guiding the client with intense visual and physical experiences thereby accelerating the process of healing awareness. For example, holding specific areas on the body while asking the following questions, “Who am I? Why do I feel trapped? What keeps me from feeling free? Can I ever be truly happy? What story have I created about me, the challenges I experience, my life? The world? What resentments, guilt, shame, irritations, fears am I holding onto, justifying? What would I do if I had no fear? Who would I be if I had no fear?” can bring flashes of insight, instant transformation and awe.

By understanding the nature of the energy body and the nature of the mind we can enhance our awareness and access our potential for self realisation and healing with love, truth and freedom.

The mind has no distinct form or shape. It assumes the shape or form of the thing it is associated with. Wandering from wish to wish, flitting from one desire to another – this is its nature. Thus, the mind is the cause of joy and grief, of elation and depression. The mind is prone to gather experiences and store them in memory. It does not know the art of giving up. Nothing is cast away by the mind. As a consequence, grief, anxiety, pain and misery continue simmering in it. The question is how do you train the mind to give up what you want to cast away...meditation, inquiry, other rigorous spiritual disciplines ...LiberatingTouch-EFT has worked best for me...Once you teach the mind to detach from the story of fear, suffering and pain then, love and bliss become your nature.

The more Eddie and I play with LiberatingTouch-EFT the more I experience it as a method for liberating consciousness. If everything including consciousness is energy then we can say that trauma, anger, love, money are all expressions of energy. With LiberatingTouch-EFT we focus on freeing the energy from the mind, unrequited desires, and memories of pain, suffering and simply reroute energy to a heart centred coherent openness, joy, connection, fulfillment and well being. Will it work for you as well as it does for us and our clients? I do not know. I do know that the secret to happiness is detachment from the thoughts that hurt, and love is the secret underlying all healing. LiberatingTouch-EFT can be a vehicle that takes us home to that place of healing.

LiberatingTouch-EFT example sequences

Have you ever felt confused and lost and wondered why stuff happens? Why me? Why now? And this in turn spiralled into feelings of frustration, helplessness, bewilderment. See this LiberatingTouch-EFT self help sequence for healing confusion.

Below is a LiberatingTouch-EFT sequence for experiencing freedom and Love in the present moment:

tapping points
  1. What am I attached* to in this moment?
    *What am I holding on to? Clinging to? Feeling needy about?
    *What is upsetting / affecting me?
    *What am I resisting/ avoiding/ denying?

    Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while articulating all that you feel attached to at the moment...and then firmly touch all the body energy areas as illustrated while tuning into the related the body-mind sensations.

    For example: ‘This turmoil about my finances, annoyance with my parents, shame about my weight, guilt, sadness about my addiction, worry about my children. The sensation I am experiencing is like a mental fog, is discomfort in my tummy, is constriction in my chest.’

  2. I allow myself space to breathe and notice my reactions to this attachment I give myself some space to breathe. I allow some space for clarity, understanding and love (detachment). Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently while saying ‘I allow myself space to breathe and simply BE with this now’

    Touch the body energy points while repeating alternately until you feel you have space from the issue. You may need to do this a few times, you may receive deep insights and you will know when this step is complete as your breathing will deepen.

    This attachment, the origins of this attachment
    Space to breathe, simply be,
    Detachment, loving awareness
    Allowing love, simply noticing

  3. What do I really really want now? What do I desire now?
    Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while articulating what you truly desire now
    For example: ‘I want to feel happy, I want to feel contented, I want to feel fit and flexible, I want to feel wealthy, I want to feel capable, I want to feel self confident, I want love, I want money, I want peace, I want freedom...’

    Hold the areas illustrated while repeating,

    This desire
    I align my vibration with the realisation, understanding and release of this desire
    I acknowledge, honour and bless this desire
    I liberate this desire and am open to all possibilities of love and freedom

  4. I am free again, open to love, truth, freedom
    Rub your chest area (Tender area) gently, while repeating ‘I am free again, I am open to love, truth, freedom’
    Hold the little finger and repeat allowing all possibilities, allowing effortless transformation
    Hold the ring finger and repeat releasing any tension, stress or body-mind tightness with my breath
    Hold the middle finger and repeat I am opening to peace, love, truth, freedom
    Hold the index finger and repeat I am healing the mind and liberating the heart
    Hold the thumb and repeat I am free from anxiety and stress I am open to love.

Check in, how are you feeling now? You can do this as many times as you want to experience a deep level of detachment, inner connection, possibility and profound love.

Ranjana Appoo is the co founder of the Emotional Health Centre, and the creator of the Emotional Toothbrush Series, a free audio and video resource for healing the mind and freeing the heart. She will be sharing innovative ways of Effortless Transformation with LiberatingTouch-EFT in the groundbreaking workshop with Martine Moorby: The Alchemy of Change.

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