EFT to the fore on the golf course


After a hectic weekend training 14 practitioners in the breakthrough technique The Balance Procedure alongside his wife Jenny, Alan Cox decided to relax with a round of golf, but found his skills were called upon on the fairway.

by Alan Cox

It was a fabulous weekend working on all types of self limiting beliefs. The best part for me is observing the process when the beliefs change; the sense of peace and relaxation is tangible. I know from my own experiences working with energy techniques how fast and life-altering they can be, but I think we forget to appreciate just how fantastic these techniques really are.

After the weekend of training I was looking forward the next morning to meeting friends and playing 18 holes of golf.

Everything went well, I was playing to form but one of my partners was having a torrid time. For the first half of the game he played his usual strong game, but then one of the other players jokingly referred to him as a ‘bandit’.

Those of you who know golf won’t need telling that this certainly isn’t a term of endearment. Even if it was said in jest it really got to my partner and his game went off the boil, his self talk was “I shouldn’t play this well, I must be a cheat”.

But while searching for an wayward shot I managed to balance him using The Balance Procedure (TBP) using the phrase “I allow myself to play well”. This settled him down immediately and he went on to shoot his best ever score.

After the round we headed to the bar where I noticed the barman was limping badly. He explained that he had turned over on his ankle playing football. As I was on a roll I told him about EFT and asked if he wanted to give it a go. We found a quiet place and after a couple of rounds his ankle pain completely disappeared.

The two-day workshop went really well and I really enjoy sharing TBP with as many people as possible, but it is just as exciting sharing what we know with complete newbies. Now I’m looking forward to the next occasion when the opportunity arrives to try it anything.

Alan Cox
Meridian energy trainer

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