Listening in to the EFT radio shows and the Tapping World Summit


Keeping in touch with constant developments and innovations in the world of tapping, and a great way to make your personal EFT adventure (for example, the personal peace procedure) fun, effective, and eye opening.

by Ranjana Appoo

Recently, while listening in to some of the interviews on the Tapping World Summit 2010, I was reminded how far EFT has evolved since I started using it in 1999. There is always something to learn and I love that now there are so many ways for us to practice and use this energy psychology tool.

The problem that EFTers now face is, how does one keep in touch with all the constant developments and innovations? How can one get on the inside of what is happening in the EFT world?

Some of you may remember the days when all that was available about EFT was Gary Craig’s DVDs. What was then known as the Ultimate Therapist Series and was thought to be advanced is now called beyond the basics. Things have moved on dramatically since then. It must be all the energy work we are doing. We keep growing and moving on. All the presenters, interviewers, interviewees keep changing and growing. For example, just listening to Jessica Ortner, the hostess of the Tapping World Summit, I can hear the huge shifts in her voice as her confidence shines through now.

She has a come a long way from the days of the interviews that she showcased on This time as I listened in to the World Summit I particularly enjoyed the experiences and advice of voices that I had not heard in EFT radio shows before, for example, Stacey Vornbrock, John Bullough, Pamela Bruner and others. I loved seeing that there were many more voices from the UK. In the future I would like to hear more from other experienced EFT practitioners from around the world, in countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, or Slovenia. I also enjoyed the increased depth in those that have been practising for a long time. In these changing times, EFT and its uses continue to evolve at a dramatic rate. I have found one of the best ways to keep in touch with it all is by listening in to the EFT radio internet shows and interviews.

The first radio shows on EFT I remember listening to were Carol Look’s 2006 Interview series, in which she interviewed a whole host of people including Gary Craig and many of the EFT masters. Since then I became aware of a growing number of teleclasses and radio shows. What a great way of learning more about EFT from home.

For me this turned into an invaluable resource as my practice is booked most days and most weekends I am facilitating workshops. The problem that arises is how does one choose which radio show, which EFT interview to listen in to, because as a colleague of mine said, with the amount of information and knowledge that is now being shared it is so important to make choices otherwise we would never get anything else done.

Well the fact is they are all good and they all have something to offer and share. There are differences in style, approach and what gets shared. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there my suggestion is, sample them. It is worthwhile putting aside an hour on a weekly or fortnightly basis and choosing any one interview and listening in. I like to listen to these when I am doing the chores around the house. I use Downloadhelper, a great piece of software that helps me download some of these audios. Of course you can tap to release any stress you are feeling about creating the time to listen in or what to listen to.

Below is a list of links and free Radio Shows that I listen into regularly.

In 2008, Eleanore Duyndam founded EFT Radio Online, a show that explores meridian tapping techniques for self-help and peak performance. In 2010, Eleanore invited a talented group of EFT meridian tapping practitioners to join her and host a variety of shows.

The EFT Hub – The EFT World Hub is an educational resource for everyone interested and passionate about using EFT tapping and sharing this amazing process with the Emotional Freedom Technique community. It was founded by Gary Williams. Link below for the free interviews:

The EFT Experience – I discovered this link recently, the show is created by Jade Barbee and it promises to be very insightful.

Carol Look’s and Rick Wilkes’ Podcast series: this began in 2006 and has some great short interviews full of insightful tapping and to the point tips to raising your vibration and feeling good.

The Tapping World Summit is an annual event so there is no link for this anymore. The next one will be in 2011. Look out on EmotionalBuzz for further information as it is announced.

You may also be interested in joining the Tapping Insiders Club or the EFT Hub for a nominal fee, and this will also keep you ‘in the know’ or perhaps I should say ‘tapped in’.

With love and tapping joy,

Ranjana Appoo is the co founder of the Emotional Health Centre, and the creator of the Emotional Toothbrush Series, a free audio and video resource for healing the mind and freeing the heart. She will be sharing more innovative ways to raising your vibration with EFT in two groundbreaking workshops: The Return to Joy and The Alchemy of Change.

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