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kate james

Following Dr Kate James’s presentation at the recent EFT Gathering, a holistic health support group was set up with the intention of providing a wide range of therapies, both conventional and non-conventional, to assist those with serious illnesses and their carers and therapists. Our first project was a cancer support workshop.

by Dr Kate James

This workshop is for you if you work with cancer and want to explore a multitude of specialised ways for you to support your clients. It is also ideal for those caring for someone with cancer, or living personally with cancer, who wish to be better informed, equipped and empowered to deal with the situation. If you want to nurture yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually because you have been diagnosed with cancer this workshop will be supportive and inspiring for you.

The programme evolved as four people whose lives had all been touched by cancer came together to open their hearts and share the knowledge, approaches, and techniques they have personally found invaluable on their own journeys, and which subsequently have changed the lives of their patients.

Our intentions

When EFT is used in a wider holistic context it provides a phenomenal way to move through and beyond cancer. We want to bring to you everyday tools and tips with which you can develop and build your own practice while supporting your own personal journey. The workshop focuses on the specialised use of EFT for supporting cancer, but also includes information about a number of other approaches which can be incorportated in a holistic approach to the problem.

We hope to spend about half of our time together illustrating how to use EFT to support day to day care, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, together with more specialised techniques to help support those with cancer. We also include information on supporting carers and the family unit using EFT techniques, and provide advice on how to support those dealing with advanced cancer. We also show you how to build in visualisation, journeying and hypnotic techniques to support your EFT.

The workshop navigates the minefield of specialised nutrition, including the use of chlorophyll rich foods and green juices, and teaches you about the core components of a therapeutic anticancer diet and how to use EFT to support this change. We also look at the fundamental role of abdominal breath work, ChiGong and yoga exercises in enhancing healing and oxygenating the tissues and talk about the valuable place homeopathy holds in supporting patients.

There are four practitioners: Dr Kate James – a conventional doctor; Linda Wood – an experienced EFT practitioner who has a special interest in working with cancer; Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards – a homeopath and EFT master practitioner, and Mair Llewellyn – a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist and EFT master practitioner.

Dr Kate James, MBBS

Kate James, MBBS is a conventional doctor working part-time in NHS palliative care. She combines this with a private integrative health practice which she runs from her family home in rural Northumberland. Instead of reaching for a prescription pad to issue drugs, Kate prescribes a different kind of approach working on a number of levels to actually rebalance and strengthen the individual by addressing the root causes of their illness. She specialises in lovingly creating individualised holistic programmes to run alongside a patient’s conventional treatment for cancer and other serious and chronic illness. Through her practice she combines dietary therapy centered around chlorophyll rich foods, The Chinese Five Element System, and western nutritional principles with EFT and journeying work. She supports this with abdominal breath work, Chi Gong and yoga and eastern spirituality and philosophy. Her work is underpinned by the belief that when we support the meridians with a number of different techniques amazing things can happen.

Kate qualified eight years ago and began her career as an accident and emergency doctor. After her mother and daughter were diagnosed with cancer she embraced a holistic approach to support them both – seeing first hand the beautiful synergy between conventional and holistic care. Some five years later both her mother and daughter, despite being given poor prognoses, have grown through and beyond cancer.

tam llwellyn

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, PhD

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards is a homeopath and master EFT practitioner. He holds Gary Graig’s honours EFT certificate and has presented workshops in energy therapies world-wide. He is Professor of Homeopathy and Energy Therapies at Calamus International University and is a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy, as well as a Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Tam has a private practice in Tickhill, South Yorkshire, where he practices and teaches various energy therapies.

He has worked with a large number of patients who were suffering from cancer, and with their family and carers. This aspect of his work came into sharp focus last year when his wife (who is also presenting at this workshop) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

At this workshop Tam presents an analysis of a possible homeopathic approach to helping cancer suffers and their carers, together with sufficient background information on homeopathy to enable a lay person to use the therapy safely and effectively.

mair llwellyn

Mair Llewellyn, BA(Hons)

Mair Llewellyn is a psychotherapist with a background in psychology and she has post graduate training in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. She has a full time private practice in Tickhill, South Yorkshire. Her first practice was started in Birmingham in the 1980s. Since then she has explored ways to support and help her clients more effectively. Her quest took her to America numerous times where her training involved working with cancer and serious illnesses. This work led her to provide training with her husband Tam for Macmillan nurses and hospice health care professionals.

Throughout her career Mair has taught psychology and more recently many meridian therapies. She is an accredited trainer with the National Council of Psychotherapists and a Certified Educator with the National Council of Hypnotherapists. Her meridian therapy training was taken in the US with Gary Craig the developer of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Fleming the developer of Tapas Acupressure Techniques and Larry Nims the developer of Be Set Free Fast. Mair has also written a book on Combining EFT with Cognitive Therapy. She is a full time therapist and also teaches these therapies world-wide.

In December 2009 after receiving surgery to remove breast cancer Mair spent two days with Dr Kate James. For some time she had been searching for ways to complement the wonderful help her husband was providing emotionally and with homeopathy. She found that the way Kate intuitively combined individual dietary therapy, yoga, EFT, journeying and abdominal breath work was exactly what she needed. This support network has enabled her to feel so good throughout the completion of her cancer treatment.

linda wood

Linda Wood

Linda Wood, a US national, runs a very successful private healing and EFT practice in the north west of England. She works with people on whom the medical establishment has ‘given up’, teaches parents how to work with children through the magic of Bear Therapy, trains practitioners to run EFT weight and nutrition workshops, and specialises in EFT and Law of Attraction. She also works and trains internationally. She has a number of healing and coaching techniques in her toolbox to help support EFT techniques and also has a strong spiritual background which she incorporates into her teachings and sessions.

Linda has been one of the world’s EFT leaders by inventing the Magic Tapping bear, and developing Bear Tapping Therapy.

What brought her to EFT and her specialties has not been left-brained studying and degrees, but rather, spiritual messages, dreams, visions and life’s experiences. This has taken her by as much surprise as it has those who have watched her progress to the level of her work today.

Not long after she had started her EFT business, she began to notice that many worst case scenarios – people who had been told to go home and prepare for death by the medical establishments – had begun to coincidentally find their way to her.

One day, while working with a client who was having continuous panic attacks, she said, in her mind, “I don’t know if I want to do this”. From what she calls the ‘god channels’ an answer immediately came back to her: “If you don’t do it who will?”

She then realised these were people who had already exhausted all other known avenues and needed something more. She then said back to that voice: “Okay, I’ll be your vehicle but you’re going to have to send in all the highest and best helpers to help me”.

It was then that she knew she was being guided to a path on which she was not alone and as Gary Craig so often says: “made sure she was allowing this energy to work THROUGH her, not ‘by’ her.” As she works with clients, they often say: “It’s as though you are reaching right into my head and pulling out my words.”

Linda loves the way Tam Llewellyn puts it: “That complementary medicine/therapy should be added TO other medicines, rather than instead of.” There’s no better way to say it and this is the first thing that we must keep in mind.

Although Linda has had several severe issues to deal with in her immediate family (two children with epilepsy, one with Aspergers, one with Lupus) and found her current tools to make amazing differences with these situations, it was when her immediate family was touched twice by serious cancer (one being told there was no more they could do for him, arranged hospice to come into his home, sent him home with loads of morphine and told him to expect to be dead in two weeks), that she began to realise, “We’ve got to show more people how to bring hope to those who find themselves in these situations where they feel so helpless and sent home with no hope.”

Not long after this, Linda was approached by Dr Kate James to join forces with her, Tam and Mair Llewellyn and work in this very important area of blending many complementary tools to help people deal with the multiple aspects of living with serious disease and the helplessness that often accompanies this.

Linda says: “Incidentally, my dying family member defied all odds and some seven months later is still going and getting better and has his doctors and hospice completely stumped. He hasn’t used anywhere near the amount of morphine that was expected. (The cancer was in the bone and many know how painful that can be.) My other family member recently diagnosed with cancer has had amazing miracles happening as well, such as tumours suddenly disappearing.

“Both of these people and other family members have used many of the tools we will be sharing with you throughout our workshops!”


During your two-day workshop it is very important for us, as your presenters to listen to what you want and for you to go away feeling inspired with greater confidence and increasing understanding to move forward with the tremendous work you do.

We will offer a further workshop later in the year to build on Level 1 and offer a certificate of training to those who attend each workshop and complete a suitable case study assessment. For those who complete Level 1 and Level 2 successfully we offer you the opportunity to join a list of practitioners specially recognised as being trained to work in the fields of cancer.

The workshop is at Craiglands, Ilkley, West Yorkshire on 8-9 May 2010 and the workshop fee will be £225. See our advert for more details, visit, or email holistic health email.

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