Tales of the unexpected at Gathering

mair llewellyn

At the end of last month Tam and I and many others eagerly travelled to Craiglands hotel for this year’s famous EFT Gathering. The line up of presenters was impressive as usual and we found that this was not just on paper either.

by Mair Llewellyn

An unexpected presenter (who was not in the programme) turned up at the very last minute. She filled in an empty gap with only 30 hours notice. The gap was left by John Bullough who unfortunately was unable to be there due to illness and he was sadly missed. Our last minute presenter was Dr Kate James. I already knew Kate and it was a lovely surprise to find out she was to be one of the speakers. A few EFTers may know that through an extraordinary turn of events she was the person who last December helped me with my brush with cancer.

In October I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in November I received surgery and sychronisticly I read an article in Gwyneth’s newsletter written by Kate. Her article spoke volumes to me because of her very real and touching personal story. I realised I really wanted to meet her. I found out she was a conventional doctor who practiced integrated health care especially to help support cancer patients In December she made it possible for me to spend two days with her as her patient which has been a truly positive life changing experience.

In Craiglands when I heard Kate’s talk I noticed that it was not just me who knew there was something truly special about her. The audience was deeply touched by her passion and her sensitivity for others and what she does in her life and work. I was absolutely thrilled that so many had been given the opportunity to listen to her wisdom and optimism. I know of many practitioners like myself who have been working with cancer and have been feeling their way toward improving the support and help that they bring to their clients.

Throughout the next two days Kate had many attendees waiting and wanting the chance to ask her questions. While she was there she decided that she really wanted to spread the word of how she integrates Eastern and Western medicine. Those of you who were unable to talk to her will be pleased to know that she is planning to give more time in a two-day workshop so that she can begin to share what she learnt through her own life experiences in the last five years. For those of you who are wanting more than her inspirational talk do make contact with Kate to see when and where this workshop will take place. Her website is: www.drkatejames.com Her email is: dr kate email

I am really hoping that there will be others who write about the other fabulous presenters. This article is just about one of the phenomenal presenters. During the weekend we witnessed truly abundant and resourceful presenters at this gathering no wonder we are like bees around a honeypot. It was a joy to behold and to be part of this wonderful group of like minded people.

Thank you all of you, because each and everyone of you gave of yourself and were absolutely magical at presenting.

To dear John, we were sorry to miss you and hope that you are now up and running again.

Love to all

Mair Llewellyn
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