New Year’s resolutions slipping yet?

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Linda Anderson explains how sticking to your guns and fulfilling your resolutions doesn’t need to be yet another overwhelming test of your willpower that’s doomed to failure.

by Linda Anderson

How many times have you said “this is it! This is the year I’ll stop smoking/ lose weight/ cut down on chocolate/ get fit/ meditate daily...”?

We’ve all been there and by the end of January many of us are already beating ourselves up big time because we’ve failed to keep to our resolutions yet again!

So why is it so hard?

Basically it’s because we’ve been using our conscious mind, the part that comes up with new ideas and strategies (and processes around 40 bits of information each second), to attempt to override powerful programs running in the supercomputer of the subconscious that processes literally millions of bits of information per second but has no way of judging whether the programs it runs are really useful to us or not.

No wonder we struggle! No wonder the very word resolution conjures up feelings of strain and struggle. That’s no fun!

Here’s a suggested tapping script to help you move away from the heaviness of being motivated to keep your resolutions so you can feel inspired to work with your New Year intentions. (For newbies, all the tapping points are illustrated in the EmotionalBuzz Quickstart Manual. Register now for your copy).

Before you start tapping, take a moment to set your intention and notice any resistance that might come up. Where do you feel it in your body? Does it have a shape or a colour, weight or texture? Rate the intensity of the resistance on a scale of 0-10 and focus on it while you tap.

Karate chop point:

Even though I have some resistance to (your intention), and I can feel it in my (where do you feel it?), I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I have this resistance and I can feel it in my ... (fill in the blank), I want to love and accept myself anyway

Even though there’s a part of me that has been sabotaging my intentions, oh well, no doubt it has it reasons, I deeply and completely love and forgive all parts of me now, I’m doing the best I can

EB But I’ve blown it again
OE It’s so frustrating!
UE I’m so disappointed in myself
UN Why can’t I do this?
CH Why can’t I make this work?
CB I’m so weak-willed
UA I’m beating myself up again
TH And I’m tired of feeling like this

EB All this resistance
OE All this resistance
UE This part that keeps sabotaging
UN I’m so tired of feeling like this
CH All this resistance
CB I wonder if I could let some of that go now?
UA At my own pace
TH I wonder what that would feel like?

Karate chop point:

Even though there’s a part of me that grits its teeth and makes New Year resolutions and another part of me that sabotages and then I beat myself up, no wonder I get frustrated, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though it’s been so frustrating, I’ve had a war going on inside, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway

Even though I’ve been beating myself up because I don’t stick to my New Year resolutions, I deeply and completely love and forgive and accept myself, and I’m choosing to do it all differently now

EB What if I could feel inspired to set my intention
OE And just be curious about the outcome?
UE What if I could release self-judgment and blame
UN Knowing that there’s no failure, only feedback?
CH Even those sabotaging parts have a positive intention
CB And their feedback gives me valuable information
UA I love feeling inspired to work with those parts
TH And I can’t wait to see what happens! And whatever happens, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway, no matter what

Happy New Year everybody! May you feel inspired with tons of amazing intentions for the rest of this very special year.

Linda Anderson
AAMET practitioner & trainer
Tel: 01799 531315

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