Old family and ancestral beliefs


Did you know that most of the beliefs and patterns that are causing you a problem in your life weren’t yours in the first place?

by Jaqui Crooks

We pick up beliefs and coping strategies from our parents and through our parents, from their parents and their parents, back through the ages. And they were all created originally to help survival.

Milton Erickson once said “all problems were once solutions” and it’s true.

The parent who helped you to believe that the world isn’t an abundant place will have picked up that belief from other people and for someone in the family line it would have been the truth and for the people in your family it still may be the truth.

The Law of Attraction says that we get more of what we focus on and if you are focusing on lack, that it what you create. And it was all given to you with the best of intentions. If you are frightened that there won’t be enough money, you might save more and then you’ll be safe. It doesn’t seem to work like that unfortunately. The more that you focus on lack and try to hold on to money so that it doesn’t disappear, the more you stop the flow. The most healthy way to view money is as part of a cycle. It comes in to you and it flows out from you, to make room for more to flow into you.

How do you know if you have a problem with money? Look at the state of your finances. If you’re always in a state of feast and famine, there are some powerful beliefs running in your life. If you’re in a constant state of famine, there are beliefs there too.

The good news is that with EFT it’s easy to identify them and to clear them. You can even release them from where they came, on behalf of your family and ancestors. And it’s much easier than you thought.

Meanwhile a Tapalong

Even though I’m carrying old beliefs that aren’t mine and I’ve turned them into mine, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I don’t even know what beliefs I’m carrying, I’m Ok
Even though I don’t know what beliefs I’m carrying, I choose to notice the things that are going on in my life and understand what I must be believing, for that to happen and then I choose to tap on it:)
Old beliefs
That weren’t mine
That are now
Noticing what’s going on in my life
Recognising those old beliefs
Finding ways to clear them
Maybe I’ll even tap:)
And balance my energy, easily safely and comfortably.

If you’d like to clear some of those old family and ancestral patterns that are keeping you stuck, even if you don’t know what they are, join me in Transforming your Past, either on retreat on November 21-22 or practitioner training on January 16-17.

It’ll be fun.

Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master
0116 2865983

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