In the driving seat with EFT

driving seat

A practitioner talks about how EFT opens up a new approach to tackling and overcoming pain.

by an EFT practitioner

When tapping on myself I’ve found that looking a little deeper can make all the difference.

Take, for example, an unexpected stomach ache – “Is this the echo of an old gynaecological problem or simply the result of eating too little, too much, too quickly, too late?” I ask.

“Not sure I can safely reveal the answer to that,” is the answer written on my walls. I had an abusive childhood and despite great healing and development over more than two decades it’s taken EFT to point out the bald truth – I’ll only consent to heal anything if it’s deemed acceptable by some inner checking mechanism – a defence reinforced over and over to be tamper proof!

This means that every thought or decision I believed I was influencing my brain to make was regularly falling short of the required two steps to the inner sanctum of ‘permission to heal’. My conscious mind, even with some of the best self-development training on the planet, was failing to get subconscious approval! Ergo, each time I came to heal I was skipping the second door. At last – an explanation ref false start healings in the past; wounds apparently tenderly ministered to which unexpectedly reappeared years later!

With EFT’s help, I've been experimenting with a paradigm shift. Of wholeheartedly accepting physical/mental pain and its message. Blessing it, loving it and giving my protector unwittingly turned saboteur permission to exist – and therefore the permission to change state. If I choose to eliminate without first befriending I’m effectively saying it doesn’t merit existence. And if it doesn’t exist it cannot be altered.

Initially, having a conversation with my subconscious which went “I’ve got a great idea about wanting to heal/change/improve/introduce something, but wondered if it’s acceptable with you?” felt bloody ridiculous.

But I’ve come to realise that this crude sense check is crucial; the validation I never received. That it underpins my ability to reconcile trust versus mistrust. I know there are experiences locked in my subconscious which precipitated this ‘double lock’ system and I’m not sure if or when I will have conscious recall. So I have to be creative and compassionate to tackle issues as best I can.

During the last few weeks circumstances (of my own making) have brought me into situations where old shame buttons are being pressed. I know these feelings are surfacing for good reason so instead of racing to press the ‘fix it’ button I’ve been experimenting with simply acknowledging. Just standing in the moment with this horrible disgusting ‘thing’ without flinching or trying to run away. Offering up love (simply by tapping a little and feeling my heart), even celebrating! Then granting acceptance to transform. It wasn’t easy initially and took focus and commitment – a real bite your lip moment. Anybody would think I was making a deal with the devil not stooping to comfort a distraught inner child!!

The good news is it’s working. A stomach pain which had kept me awake several nights was finally accepted and acknowledged as ‘pockets of shame’ which I tapped on effortlessly using the new ‘it’s acceptable to accept’ mantra. The pain went almost immediately and has not returned.

I’m also getting strong visual and other clues showing me that my mindset is changing, for example, driving an old car to a business meeting – cause enough in the past to want to curl up and die of shame. I tapped one or two mental rounds on accepting, blessing, loving. I spotted at least two old cars in the space of seconds in the car park, where before the brain zoned in only on this year’s luxury saloons! My whole persona shifted. I felt calm, authentic, grounded, more the real me. A me that’s accepted and acceptable despite all. A first and essential step to change. Ownership.

What I love about EFT is that it leads me like a clever solicitor, but I’m always in the driving seat. It’s logical but it connects me with spirit, soul and heart. It makes sense to my right and my left brain. It tells me when I’ve got it wrong – and when I’ve got it right.

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