Is it training or is it a workshop?

helena fone

AAMET vice chair Helena Fone is often asked by new practitioners what the difference is between Level 1 training and an introductory workshop. Here she explains the difference and offers practitioners useful guidance.

by Helena Fone

“To deliver any training, you must first have been appointed an AAMET trainer. If you’re not an AAMET trainer you cannot issue certificates or claim to be a trainer of EFT. The qualifications and criteria for AAMET trainers are currently being reviewed by a special AAMET working party. Level 1 training guidelines will soon be issued to AAMET trainers to apply to their training sessions and Level 2 and 3 guidelines will follow. These have been developed to ensure consistency in delivering high standards of training. The Curriculum & Competencies Workgroup – June Spencer, Christine Sutton, Ranjana Appoo, Dave Wharton and Masha Bennett have worked long and hard to generate this new guidance, together with contributions from previous members of the Training Panel.

If you are not a qualified AAMET trainer but you’ve gained a good knowledge and experience of EFT you’re completely free to run an introductory workshop to spread the word and help promote your services. I recommend that you do this at practitioner level so you’re insured – discounted insurance is available through or the

An introductory workshop usually lasts between 1½ and 2½ hours. Presentation material for introductory workshops will be available for practitioner members to download from the new AAMET website when it is launched in December.

You can use PowerPoint presentations, flipcharts or just present verbally on what EFT is, how it works, who uses it, what it can be used on, and so on. Don’t forget to include a demonstration! Showing how it works will get you the audience ‘buy in’ and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask who has a phobia about something and select the easiest one to work on. Never claim to be able to cure their phobia but say you’ll give it a go and see what happens. This takes the pressure off you and keeps the audience captivated.

Another good demonstration is ‘borrowing benefits’ on a craving but make sure you have a supply of chocolate or crisps on hand. This always goes down well and I’ve had three or four people out front with the rest of the audience borrowing the benefits.

Do remember to hand out your leaflets, business cards or sell books on EFT and don’t be too disappointed if you don’t hear from anyone immediately. I’ve had people contact me years after I gave a demonstration so don’t give up. How much you charge is up to you but obviously make sure you’ve covered room hire, refreshments and other expenses. Offer to visit their premises and only charge for your travelling expenses, perhaps. I’ve travelled 80 miles to give a free introductory workshop and wasn’t even offered a drink of water, yet on another occasion I gave a workshop just up the road and was presented a beautiful display of flowers and a bottle of wine in gratitude!

Ask an ‘EFT Buddy’ to partner you or ask someone to sit in on a rehearsal so you can get feedback. When you’re ready, offer a workshop at your local library, to ladies’ circles, the Women’s Institute, mother and baby groups and business groups. There are a host of opportunities out there – just go for it and good luck!

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