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In 2002 Guy was referred to me by a consultant for some stress management after experiencing severe chest pains, panic attacks, high blood pressure and tinnitus. We used EFT effectively with some of the underlying causes of his blood pressure and gained improvements in this and his stress levels, and he was sleeping better at night. However, we made little lasting headway with his tinnitus.

by Mair Llewellyn

After attending the Dallas EFT conference, where Gary Craig was working for three days with serious diseases, it occurred to me that there were other doors or issues to be opened here. Before the Dallas workshop, whenever we tried to work on the various tinnitus sounds and the head pressure, Guy’s headaches became too unpleasant for us to continue. Since returning I made contact with this him over the phone and we began to open another door a little by tiptoeing around this problem.

I initially needed to gain Guy’s trust to begin work again. I asked him to just guess at his level of intensity about doing some EFT without even thinking about any work we may do. With just guessing at his intensity levels he said he found the fear in his head went to a 6.

We used EFT by just gentle touching the points (this method was a little like the Touch and Breathe technique). Using this particular technique was aimed at helping his understandable fears. The set up statement was:

“Even though I’m reluctant to use EFT to ever treat myself again I deeply and completely accept and love myself”.

While he was touching and breathing we randomly used reminder phrases such as:

Natural fears, head worries, don’t want to even think of it, not sure I can trust EFT again, and so on. After doing a round of just thinking about doing EFT Guy noticed it didn’t worry him at all now. He realised that most days he has a headache anyway which was part of his life and he felt doing more work could help him to get past that.

Guy was now happy to arrange another EFT session (still only using gentle touch on the points). On our next appointment together we used some set ups like:

“Even though I don't know what these sounds are all about, I honour my body for giving me these messages.”

“Even though my brain appears to be enmeshed in this familiar sound loop and I don't know why I completely respect myself anyway.”

“My mind has a positive intention in giving me these messages and I’m open to the possibility to learn from them.”

“I accept and forgive myself for ignoring my bodies stress responses over all these years.”

At the end of this session Guy left feeling calmer and more confident about doing the EFT as a daily routine whenever he noticed he felt emotional intensity or tension.

I saw Guy again a month later, and on that date he reported that his headaches were much less frequent and that he was often completely unaware of the tinnitus sounds. He said: “I know they are still there but they cease to bother me now.”

A month later when Guy came again he reported that he was sleeping much better and he realised that this improvement occurred a couple of days after personally doing some EFT on a traumatic memory. This memory was from during the time he was working in a saw mill as a teenager. This was familiar Saturday work for him but the memory which surfaced was of someone being involved in an accident with one of the circular saws.

When this memory popped into his mind he touched the EFT points and tuned into the fear, the sick feeling and the nightmares that had followed after this event. He said he was surprised at how intense his emotions were for his mate who had damaged his hand. Following this memory surfacing and the EFT work that he did he noticed that the tinnitus sounds had taken a back seat and were frequently imperceptible. Guy said that the sounds no longer haunted him because he felt he had worked on this early sound trauma experience which he had entirely forgotten.

At our last appointment Guy said he was very happy to continue to use the self hypnosis and EFT, which was improving his day to day well being. Before he left we discussed possible choices statements which Guy could use to give more positive messages for his mind. Six months later I received a card from Guy in which he wrote said that the choices he was using brought calm clarity to his mind and a positive focus to each day.

Here are of few of the choices that he used:

“I choose to be consistently surprised by my peace of mind.”
“I choose and prefer spontaneous laughter and loving living.”
“I choose to notice and enjoy a state of thankfulness for my wonderful life.”

Mair Llewellyn
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