Claire and the Twin Towers

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by Susie Shelmerdine

Claire contacted me with regard to helping her with depression, with which she had been diagnosed after escaping the Twin Towers during the 9/11 terrorist attack. She had been referred to a psychologist for cognitive behavioural therapy but was afraid to go the appointment as she didn’t want to talk about what she saw or heard that day. Claire’s friend suggested that she try Matrix Reimprinting first.

Claire informed me that she did not sleep, she did not go out and that her life seemed to be falling apart. She told me of a particular image that haunted her. It was there every time she closed her eyes. The image was of herself outside the Twin Towers. Claire had escaped from one of the towers and was outside when the shock hit her. At this point she didn’t know what had happened. Claire asked if she had to step into the picture and I reassured her she only needed to do that when she was ready. Claire asked if she could have a pair of red shoes like the ones Dorothy had in The Wizard of Oz and if she clicked her heels could she come out of the picture. We decided to have a practice run stepping into the picture and stepping out of it, so that Claire could feel reassured that she could leave at any time. We did this successfully, placing the picture on freeze. The next time we stepped in, Claire could see her ECHO. I reminded Claire that she is there to help her ECHO with the conscious knowledge she has from today.

Claire introduced herself and immediately started tapping on her ECHO. Her ECHO was confused and distraught but when it was suggested that they go somewhere safe her ECHO refused to leave. We explained to her ECHO that the whole world was on freeze while we helped her and she was fine with that but wanted to remain there. Her ECHO kept repeating “it’s all wrong. It’s all so wrong.”

Claire continued to tap on her ECHO until she was calm. Claire then explained to her ECHO what happened that day so that she knew it was a terrorist attack and that the Twin Towers would collapse. The ECHO did not believe her and they tapped through her shock and her fear. Claire then brought in a newspaper from the next day to prove the facts of the attack to her ECHO. She continued to tap on her ECHO the whole time.

At this point the image was still frozen. We discussed taking it off freeze, and both Claire and her ECHO needed to tap on the fear of doing so. Claire and her ECHO held hands and reassured each other that they could get through. I reminded Claire and her ECHO that they could freeze the image whenever they wanted. Claire allowed the scene to unfold and her ECHO became very emotional. She clicked her heels and came out of the scene bringing her ECHO with her. It was the sound that had traumatised her as Claire said that she could hear the ‘thuds’ from people jumping from the towers. This sound had stayed with her.

Claire went back into the picture with her ECHO and they tapped on the feelings that the sound created. As Claire and her ECHO tapped, Claire mentioned how the people jumping stopped help from getting into the building. Claire had a sudden reframe of the situation. She said: “Oh my god, they were angels. They stopped people from getting in, they may have saved someone’s life, even though they couldn’t save themselves.” Claire then saw the people jumping from the towers as angels. She thanked them. She then clicked her heels to come out of the picture with her ECHO. She needed some time to reflect.

After a break, Claire and her ECHO returned to the picture. She said she could now see angels everywhere she looked. She said even though it was the worst day of her life she could see light in the picture that she had never seen before. Claire could now see the bravery and courage of people from that day: she had heard people talk about this and yet never recognised it before. Claire’s ECHO did not want to go to a new place of her choosing. She wanted to join Claire in this new image of the attack: one that now represented courage, bravery and light. After the session, Claire was completely drained. We spoke a few days later and Claire mentioned that the first night she dreamed heavily, but the two nights after she slept right through. She said she felt like she had more energy and felt more like herself every day.

Claire had a further session with me on her anger at certain events surrounding the attack. She is now off her antidepressants with her doctor’s consent. She has decided to take some time to enjoy her life and her family.

Susie Shelmerdine
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