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The following case study is taken from the brand new book Matrix Reimprinting with EFT by EFT Master Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby. See Products to purchase this book, or visit

Please note that although the client insisted on testing her allergy, hers was an unusual circumstance, and the book’s authors do not usually recommend testing an allergy of this severity.

by James Robinson

Jenny had been suffering from an exceptionally rare and life threatening coffee allergy for many years. The allergy was so extreme that even the slight smell of coffee would send her into a complete state of paralysis. She would be rendered completely speechless, unable to move any part of her body and would lose all control of her bowels and bladder.

Jenny’s allergy caused her huge amounts of social unease because it restricted the consumption of coffee of everyone around her. If she went to a restaurant with friends, they would not be able to order coffee and she would have to hope that no one nearby did either. At work no one was able to drink coffee near her or even speak to her after drinking it. Even walking down the high street and passing a cafe was potentially dangerous.

Jenny’s life outside of her home was very much a mine field and she had to carry an antidote with her everywhere she went in case of a reaction. This looming fear of an allergic reaction had haunted Jenny for a number of years and she had tried every form of conventional and alternative healing in an attempt to resolve it, with no success.

When Jenny came to me for a session it was for the experience of something she had never tried or even heard of before. She had given up hope of receiving any real help for her allergy, and was instead seeking something that might ease her distress a little.

I started off by tapping slowly on Jenny and asking her questions about when the allergy had started and what was happening around that time. Almost immediately a memory came to the forefront. Jenny had been in an extremely abusive relationship, and a prominent memory that came to mind was when her partner had beaten her up and verbally abused her while she was naked, which had then created a huge fear of being naked in front of anyone since.

I asked how she felt in response to this memory. She replied “I feel really f**king angry.”

We tapped on the anger with conventional EFT and I encouraged her to vent her wrath while we did so, until some of it had dissipated.

I then guided Jenny into Matrix Scene Reimprinting, at the point in the memory where she was naked and being beaten. I asked her to approach her ECHO to tell her who she was, then to give her a huge hug, telling her she loves and that she had come to help her. I suggested that Jenny asked her ECHO what she was feeling, and she replied “anger”, so Jenny tapped on her ECHO for the anger. Jenny then asked her ECHO what she needed. Her ECHO replied that she just wanted someone to beat her boyfriend up, so that he would know how it feels. Jenny chose to bring her brother in to help her retaliate, and I gave her time to do this.

Next I asked Jenny if there was anything her ECHO would like to communicate to the abusive partner, for instance how he had made her feel and the effects his behaviour had had on her. She was very keen to do this and Jenny’s ECHO spent some time expressing her feelings with rage and anger.

When she had finished I got Jenny to check how her ECHO was feeling and she replied that she felt great now; the anger had all gone and there was a sense of peace. Jenny took her ECHO to a new place and the image was sent through the mind, around the body and out into the Matrix in the usual way. I then asked her to revisit the original memory and let me know what was there. She told me that there was nothing there anymore, apart from a sense of peace.

I felt that this wasn’t the basis of the allergy but that it may have been a contributing factor, so I asked Jenny to question whether this was the root cause of the coffee allergy. I slowly tapped on her as she contemplated this.

She then realised that the coffee allergy stemmed from her being sent to a safe house to protect her from the continuing violence of her partner. In the safe house lots of people continuously drank coffee. The smell of coffee was subconsciously taking her back to the fear and trauma of that time period.

I asked her to look for a prominent memory from the safe house, and when she had a good clear vision of herself, the surroundings and the other people involved, I guided her into a further Matrix Scene Reimprinting session.

While tapping on her I asked Jenny to walk up to her younger self, to tell her who she was and that she had come to help her. I then guided her to give her younger self a big hug and tell her that she loves her dearly, that she completely understands everything she’s been through and what she’s going through now. I also told her to let her younger self know that she doesn't have to suffer alone now because Jenny is here to help her and will do everything she possibly can to make her feel good.

Jenny asked her younger self how she was feeling as she tapped on her. She replied that she was feeling scared, so we tapped on the fear. Jenny asked her younger self what we could do to make her feel safe, and whether there was someone we could bring in to protect her. She wanted to bring in her father and brother, who both gave her a huge hug, and let her know she was safe.

I suggested to Jenny that we grant some wishes for her younger self. She wished to leave the safe house and go for a walk in some beautiful meadows she used to play in, far away from the house. I reassured Jenny to take her time and enjoy the beautiful walk with her younger self and when they had reached some kind of plateau to let me know so that we can take the next step. When this part of the process felt complete for Jenny, she gave her younger self a huge hug again and told her that she loves her. This new memory was taken in through the mind, around the body and out through the heart in the usual way.

When she was ready I asked Jenny to return to the original memory and tell me what she found. She replied that all that remained was the new memory of the meadow, which was happy and positive. To test the memory, I asked her how she felt about smelling coffee now. Amazingly she told me she felt fine about it. I asked her to visualise herself smelling the coffee looking for any kind of physical reaction. There was absolutely no reaction. This unusual as normally just the thought of coffee could trigger a reaction.

Jenny was keen to test her progress. This contradicted the guidelines on my Matrix Reimprinting Training, which clearly states that such a severe allergy should not be tested. However, Jenny wanted to take responsibility for testing her reaction, as she pointed out that her allergy dominates her every moment anyway, and she frequently encounters the smell of coffee. She got her antidote ready, and instructed me on what to do if she went into paralysis. I then got a brand new jar of coffee and got her to hold it and look at it. I was ready to treat any reaction with conventional EFT. However, unusually, there was still no reaction.

Next Jenny wanted me to hold the jar, which was still closed, below her nose. I constantly monitoring her for any signs of reaction, but there were none.

I then took the jar back off Jenny and removed the lid. Jenny was still feeling fine. I showed her that the foil was still on and explained that I had to test that there was no reaction first before we opened it. She still felt fine.

After I was completely sure she was ready, I pierced the foil in front of her while sitting some distance away. I then gradually moved the jar closer and closer while she inhaled through her nose. With every movement towards her I was constantly checking with her for signs of a reaction. I got slowly closer, and then unexpectedly she grabbed the jar from me and held it right under her nose, inhaling deeply! She had a huge smile and couldn’t believe that she was actually smelling it and feeling completely fine.

Jenny had no desire to drink the coffee, she but her life had completely transformed now that she could smell it without going into paralysis.

Jenny says:

I came to see James because of an extremely serious coffee allergy. I had been paralysed on many occasions and hospitalised twice from the smell of coffee. I wanted to feel generally more comfortable, but I didn’t really expect anything, and I definitely didn’t expect that I’d end up smelling coffee!

It is so profound that I can now hold a jar of coffee with the lid off, under my nose and breathe it in deeply! There are also no physical or emotional effects. This condition was life-threatening, and now I feel totally at peace.

Also, I have not been comfortable taking my clothes off in front of anyone, due to my ex-partner beating me when I was naked. I now feel that after the work we did, I am ready to be seen naked. I also think that James was very brave to allow me to test the work that we did, and I am profoundly grateful.

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