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by Brett Moran

In my role as substance and alcohol misuse support worker, I get the opportunity to share Matrix Reimprinting and EFT with drug and alcohol users who are trying to resolve their addictions.

I am often limited to a smaller number of sessions with my clients due to funding, so I don’t always have the luxury of long-term intervention. In this case study I only carried out part one of the three part intervention, and still saw amazing results. So this case study shows just what can be achieved in three sessions.

Billy came to me with an issue around smoking cannabis. Lately, he had started to become concerned that his tolerance level was high and he was extremely dependent upon it. He informed me that he had been smoking skunk weed (an extremely strong form of cannabis) for over ten years and while at university his intake had been extremely high.

Billy had not come to me for Matrix Reimprinting or EFT and knew nothing about them. He had come to me to start the process of setting goals, targets and a care plan which was part of my role as a key worker. However, as he was extremely anxious I was initially keen to help him settle with EFT.
For the first session we simply helped Billy to reduce his nerves and to feel more comfortable about approaching his issues. I felt that this was paving the way for future Matrix Reimprinting work.

A week later Billy returned and informed me on arrival that he felt comfortable and at ease about today’s session. He was still smoking as much cannabis as he was previously, as we hadn’t addressed anything other than his nerves about the session. What had changed was that he really wanted to address his drug issues, which he admitted were really making him depressed.

I informed Billy we would begin more tapping and we started off on feeling depressed and frustrated. We completed several rounds of conventional EFT on these topics. However, as I carefully listened to Billy’s language I noticed that he was playing a theme about not being in control of his feelings. My feeling was that there was a time in his life that he felt like he had lost control, and that this was still playing out in his subconscious.

I began asking question such as: "How long have you not been in control?" "When was the first time you felt like you lost control?" and so on. Billy’s SUDS level was extremely high, but it took a while to get him into a specific memory.

We continued to tap on the feeling of being out of control for a while, and it turned to sadness. Once we started tuning into the emotion behind it, I knew we were getting somewhere.

I asked Billy where this was and how it felt. He described it as a dark sinking feeling in his heart that hurt him when he thought about it. So I asked Billy when he first felt like this.

He went back to a situation when he played football as a child and was laughed at on the pitch for doing something wrong. He said that he could not control his emotions back then and ran off the pitch. We began the Matrix Scene Reimprinting technique.

Billy introduced himself to his ECHO, explained why he was there, and began tapping on him.

"Even though he had all these emotions and felt like he couldn’t control them, he’s still a great kid."
"Even though he felt silly and embarrassed and could not control his feelings..."

"Even though he ran off and felt like he wasn’t in control..."

We reimprinted the picture asking his younger self what he wanted to do and how he would want to do it. His ECHO replied that he did not want everyone to be laughing at him and he did not want to make the mistake in the first place. So we replayed the original memory but without the mistake.

When this was complete, I asked Billy if he and his ECHO wanted to stay where they were, or go to a different place of their choosing. Billy chose to take his ECHO to a football stadium at the time that England beat Germany 4-0. Billy brought some friends and his brother into the scene and they all watched the brilliant match together.

When it felt complete, this new picture was sent out into the Matrix. Although we reimprinted this picture and did some really positive work I knew there was more to be done around being laughed at, not being in control and losing his power but we came to the end of the session.

However, Billy informed me that he was eager to come back next week for a further session. Upon his return I informed Billy that if he was really serious about giving smoking cannabis then he would need to do some tapping while at home and back out there in the real world.

I work with a lot of clients with severe issues, traumas and addictions and motivation is often low, so I feel if they are prepared to work on themselves at home then they are prepared for change. Billy was prepared to work on himself and informed me that even though he was still smoking he had used EFT on other situations over the past week. I showed Billy how to use EFT specifically for craving.

After our introduction we picked up where we had left off last week. We tapped around some of his issues and feelings which related to smoking cannabis, using appropriate humour to shift some of the negative energy that Billy was feeling. This helped us get straight to the point. As I tapped with Billy I asked him what size bags he bought his skunk weed in. There are various measurements such as ‘a ten-bags-worth,’ ‘an eighth of an ounce,’ and so on.

He told me his ideal size so I asked how he felt about being controlled in circumstances where he had to buy a smaller bag. Straight away we were back into his feelings of not being in control and losing his power, which triggered sadness, frustration and anger.

With a few more rounds of tapping and intuitive questioning we pinpointed a feeling of anger deep in his heart. I asked Billy to remember the first time he felt this feeling. It took some time to surface a memory, but eventually we found ourselves back in the school playground. His so-called friends had bullied him, pulled down his trousers and then proceeded to take photos of him. The perpetrators included girls and boys and it was severely humiliating for Billy.

Billy stepped into the picture. This was at the point where Billy was being sat on by a member of the gang, they were sitting on his chest while others were taking his pants down and further people were taking photographs. He needed to get his ECHO out of that situation straight away, so he froze the picture and freed his ECHO, while beginning to tap on him.

Billy needed to retaliate with some violence to readdress the disempowerment that he felt. Of course, I do not condone violence in the real world, but on some level, Billy had been retaliating with violence in his subconscious since this event had occurred, so he needed to release this. So Billy did what he wished he had done all those years ago. He retaliated physically. He also told his so-called friends that what they did was wrong and what he thought of them for abusing him in that way. His adult self was there the whole time, and he felt the need to also tell them that he understood that they were just kids and sometimes they didn’t think before they acted. Billy’s ECHO felt fine about this being communicated, as it was done after he had released the anger. After smashing the camera into millions of pieces and throwing away the film Billy felt that the picture was complete and I knew he was ready to go to a more positive place of his choice.

This time he chose a beautiful beach resort in the sun with different friends, and sent this new picture in through his mind and out through his heart into the universe. Billy tested the old picture and it had transformed completely.

That concluded our session. I didn’t see Billy for a few weeks but did get a text message from him informing me life was really great and positive and that he had stuck to his quit date and not smoked any skunk weed since. And last week I was halfway through writing this case study and who should walk into the office but Billy! He had a big smile on his face and was looking a lot calmer.

He informed me that life was really good and although there were still many things he would like to work on, his skunk weed addiction was under control. He told me that over the last month he had only had a few puffs of a joint and it really tasted horrible and he had not gone back to actively smoking. From my experience of working with this client group that is an incredible result, given that we only had one session of conventional EFT and two sessions of Matrix Reimprinting. I am sure we would not have achieved the same results with willpower alone.

What’s more, Billy had been using the tapping in his everyday life. He was tapping in moments of stress and he informed me that he now has a much more positive take on life. There is also a new woman in his life and he feels more confident and comfortable than he had done previously in female company.

My personal conclusion is that Billy has conquered far more than just his addiction. Not only has he overcome a significant addiction in a short space of time, but he has got back his confidence, his self-esteem and his sense of control.

One of the most amazing things I found with this case and other similar cases is that we empower the client to achieve what they desire. The clients with whom I work who are overcoming addictions are always seeking instant gratification from a substance. They use the substance to get rid of the feeling or emotion. So the substance is only the surface issue. Matrix Reimprinting and EFT help them get to the underlying core issues – the reasons why they use the substance in the first place. Billy was a prime example of this, and I am delighted by his progress.

Brett Moran
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