Reconnecting with the Core


In my work developing the Reconnecting with the Core programme I have come to realise more and more the huge possibilities that we all carry within us for personal change.

by Jaqui Crooks

I believe that we all have within us the core of who we are.

That core may be overlaid by other stuff that prevents us from showing who we are to the world and sometimes even to ourselves, but it’s still there and that’s what the work I do is designed to do. To uncover the Core of you, the real you that’s always been there and always will be there.

How much lighter would you feel if you were only carrying your own stuff in this minute? Imagine if you could truly live in the Now and you only had this moment to deal with.

It is possible. And the key is in releasing all the old stuff that has been passed down through the ancestors to us and which we’ve been gallantly carrying for them. What if they didn’t give it to us to carry, what if they gave it to us because they knew that we would have the resources to heal it for them? I believe that we are the people who chose to come here at this time, to say “no more, this is enough, it’s time to let it go now.&rsduo; And wouldn’t it be good if you could? And you can.

If you think about your family, what beliefs about yourself and the world have they passed to you? If you think about your parents’ parents, can you see how your parents got the stuff they handed to you? And it doesn’t stop there. Coping strategies and beliefs go right back to the dawn of man and they are all about survival.

If you were to think of a belief that you’ve taken on from your family, perhaps something like “you’ve just got to put up or shut up.” What might someone have thought that would get for you? Maybe if you complain about something, people won’t want to be around you, or if you complain, you might get noticed and then what might happen? If in the past someone was hit every time they were noticed, you can see how that belief might have been created. Maybe, back in the past, if you tried to rise above your station, you were attacked, turned out of your house, or off your land, maybe even killed. You can see how just putting up with what is might have been useful.

There are so many beliefs that we carry as individuals that have their roots back in ancient times and yours may be the same as mine, or very different. Anything that’s not working for you in your life is likely to be a coping strategy or belief that belongs to someone else. When you really think of what’s going on in your life, you may be surprised what you find.

And yet we live in a different world now. There are different opportunities and different ways to stay safe and your subconscious doesn’t realise that. It’s just doing what it’s always done because it knows of no reason to change it.

Bruce Lipton says that from the time in the womb, until two years old, children’s brains work with delta waves, which is like being in deep hypnosis. It allows the vast quantity of information that’s needed for survival to be downloaded straight to the subconscious and then it’s hardwired into the brain. That’s why it’s so difficult to make changes consciously with these deeply held ancestral beliefs. We know what we want to do differently and when we go into the familiar situation where those beliefs operate, we do the same thing again.

The good thing about the subconscious is that it’s very willing to do things differently, it just needs you to tell it to and to update the information it has. It’s a bit like updating a computer program.

There are many ways to do this and in one two-hour session, I would usually do some work about the sperm and egg that became you, conception and the time in the womb and tell the subconscious to release anything that you picked up from your parents and ancestors while they were in the womb. We would do a re-birthing exercise, so that you give yourself the birth that you wanted and the welcome into the world that you wanted and we give new information to the subconscious, giving it permission to not only find new, safer and healthier ways, that are more fun, to keep you safe, but also tell it to create new neural pathways that will support the changes. You can do that at any time. If you think of your subconscious as a person doing the best it can, think about what it might need in order to do its job in a better way that works for you and give it that information.

An example of that might be:-

Even though part of me thought it wasn’t safe to be seen, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though part of me thought it wasn’t safe to be seen and that was someone else’s belief first, I deeply and completely accept myself and them.

Even though I’ve been carrying this pattern all these years, the time that it was created has gone. It happened and it’s over and I survived, (this is often new information for the subconscious, that may still think you’re in danger,) and I no longer need this old pattern in my life.

Even though I’ve been carrying this old pattern for so long, I choose.......(you can add your own choice of what you want instead here, or you can leave it to your subconscious) my subconscious to find new, safer and healthier ways to keep me safe, that are a lot more fun and I instruct it to create new neural pathways to support the new way of being and to allow the old neural pathways that are no longer needed, to fade away.

This statement is designed to give the subconscious new information, new instructions and get it to support the changes.

The neural pathways that develop over time as we do things in a familiar way get stronger as we use them, the less we use them, the weaker they become, just like a muscle. Use it or lose it.

’The more that you think about or focus on the change that you want, the stronger the neural pathway will become, the less you use the older one, the weaker it will be. If you notice the old pattern coming up, just say, no thanks, I’m not doing that any more and focus on the new and the brain will do the rest for you.

You can use this technique in any area of your life. Have a play and see how it works for you.

With love to you all,

For more information on Reconnecting with the Core or how to clear your ancestral patterns, visit Jaqui’s website.

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