Top tip for EFT practitioners III

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Each month in her series of helpful hints for practitioners, Dr Rangana Choudhuri provides some useful information for practitioners about to embark on their business.

by Dr Rangana Choudhuri

This month I am going to focus on how to shift from selling to adding value. Always look for opportunities to add value and not push your services.

Explore ways to enrich someone else’s life and create a hook that will enable your target audience to want to find out more. For example:

  • The best way to add value is to communicate the power of your services and provide your audience with ideas to help them in their own life. Any communication needs to contain the ‘three Es’: it needs to be Educational, Entertaining and Empowering. If your communication contains the three Es it will ALWAYS add value.
  • Write an article and publish it in your local newspaper or on the website. EmotionalBuzz, Gary Craig’s newsletter and the AAMET websites are great vehicles to get your articles published. Once you have something published you can email it to people in your network.
  • Run a monthly support group building a tapping community in your local area.
  • Host a movie night by showing “Try it on everything” and then have a discussion group.
  • Post a Youtube video of a variation of the techniques you have developed yourself.

Happy presenting and publishing!

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