A spiritual journey and anti-apex

Mair Llewellyn shares correspondence (reproduced here with permission) from one of her trainees at a recent training session.

Dear Mair and Tam,

Thank you very much for the opportunity of spending these magnificent six days with you. As I’ve already mentioned, this seminar has been a spiritual journey for me – energising, opening, with a lot of pleasure and peace.

I just can’t help sharing with you my experience yesterday at the centre where I work – a small, traditional outpatient psychodynamically oriented clinic.

It was a busy day after my six-day leave, with my old clients waiting for me and two assessment interviews scheduled. And it happened that one of these interviews was an emergency case, and we do not usually treat emergencies.

cardiac arrest A man was brought to the centre by his wife in a state of rising anxiety. Seven days ago he had been dismissed from the inpatient ward of an emergency hospital, where he had been admitted with a suspected heart attack.

After many examinations he had been diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease and generalised anxiety disorder, but the results from the examinations did not prove any organic disease. Each day afterward he kept going to the nearby medical centre for ECGs and was assured that nothing was wrong.

He waited for me for about 30 minutes, because I was working with another client. On entering the room I found him shivering all over, his legs almost dancing in anxiety as he sat on the chair, sweating, dizzy, and claiming that he was going to collapse at any moment. He was obviously not capable of benefiting from any reasonable assurance from me. His wife was also very scared because he had recently had several panic attacks which required medication.

My first thought was also to check whether we have ampoules of diazepam (which I doubted, and it proved later on that we didn’t). Than I succeeded in calming my anxiety about looking for medication.

Firstly, I asked his wife to join forces with me to help her husband, and she was very compliant. I showed her how to gently touch one of his hands by the KChP and the 9GP, and then I took his other hand the same way. He was obviously letting us do this. And than I started the whole EFT procedure for him: tapping for him and speaking for him: “Even though I am in such a panic and shaking all over, I’m OK, I totally accept myself and love myself.”

On the second round he started breathing more freely; on the third round the breathing was almost regular; on the fourth round his leg movements decreased, although some small jerks were still visible; on the fifth round I asked him to tap on himself while watching me tap on myself. And here I included the 9-Gamut procedure with the eyes, humming and counting because he was already capable of following my instructions.

We changed the statement to: “Even though I have this remaining anxiety and dizziness ...”, and during the second layer of the sandwich I was interchanging the phrase “this remaining anxiety and dizziness,” with “I am letting them go,” and on the top of the head: “They are gone now.”

At that moment he started yawning and bent down, grasping his knees with his head between them. His wife was worried from this (and to be honest, me too), but when she lifted his head gently asking “what happened?”, he murmured: “I’m much better now, I’m sleepy”, and then, “but I haven’t slept for six nights. I’m tired, I want to sleep.”

And here I dared one more thing: I showed him how to make the TAT pose and asked him to keep it for a while letting the words that I say to fill his mind: “I am OK now, the healing has happened, and I am going back home to have a peaceful dream and to welcome the rest of the day which will be nice, comfortable and calm.”

And that was all. Maybe three hours later he phoned to tell me that he was not anxious, that he fell asleep but the dream was very shallow, then he again fell asleep several times. He was asking what to do now and I told him to simply keep tapping.

After the busy day, checking my mobile, I realised that he had called again, so I phoned him back. He was cheerful and said: “I don’t want to bother you, but I just want to say that this is fantastic, the anxiety has all gone.”

Now I think that God has sent me this emergency case, the day right after the seminar, to test whether I shall embrace this new energy technique, or shall I prefer to keep to the routine. And even though I was trying and experimenting with small things (both with myself and with clients) following Gary Craig’s manual, I wouldn’t have dared to work with such a case before the course.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you a lot for giving us this fantastic tool!


PS. Is there an anti-apex concept? I have 30 years of practice, 20 of them also with teaching, training and supervising mostly in the traditional psychodynamic type and psychodrama ... and now I want to tap on everybody, and do nothing else but this!

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