Tapping into the power of love

steve wells

Love is my number 1 value, but that doesn’t mean I have always been a loving person. Nor have I always felt loved. In fact, up until just a few years ago I was quite a needy person, constantly looking for affirmation and confirmation that I was loved and needed by everyone around me, particularly my family.

by Steve Wells

That all changed the day I decided to “do my own workshop” and apply tapping to my number 1 value. The result was one of the most profoundly brilliant experiences of my life.

Here’s what happened:

I was feeling a bit down one day so I decided to sit down and work on my values using some of the processes I teach in my workshops. I started with my number one value, which is love. I asked myself where I learned that love was so important to me, and realised in an instant that many of those experiences were actually ones where I felt un-loved! Once I identified these events, I started treating them in turn using SET tapping (Simple Energy Techniques), going through the story in my mind and body, and applying tapping to all the emotionally intense connections…

My initial experience as I tapped through the memories and feelings was that I reprocessed and reinterpreted many of those past events. I realised not just intellectually but experientially that my parents really did love me; they just weren’t able to say it, or show it in a way that I understood at that time. I began to gain perspective on my father’s life in particular and the reasons why he was unable to show love in the ways I felt I needed back then. I became more forgiving towards him and felt better about our relationship generally. Even though he had passed away I felt that we have been given a second chance at connecting.

But the most profound experience was a few days later, on the morning of my 42nd birthday...

I was lying in bed that morning with my wife and the kids came in to give me my presents. I opened up my first present and it was a beautiful photo book with pictures of everyone in the family to take with me on my travels. My eldest son Josh had typed all the funny captions on computer, and my wife had compiled the book, which also included some lovely quotes on love and being a father. My daughter Olivia who was standing next to the bed said, “We need to get Dad breakfast in bed!” And Callum, my youngest, was jumping up and down on top of me saying excitedly, “I love my Daddy! I love my Daddy!” In that moment I was filled with the most wonderful feeling of love and warmth and joy that I have ever experienced in my life.

To say I was overwhelmed with that feeling is an understatement! It was a full 45 minutes before the tears would stop streaming down my face, I was so filled with joy and love. I realised in that moment that everything I could ever want I’ve already got, that what I’ve really always wanted most was right here all the time, and that I don’t need to achieve greatness or go searching all over the world for love and approval when I have it all right here.

I saw in an instant that the things we all really want are truly right in front of us, but we are emotionally blocked from seeing them and experiencing them. And I realised how easily we can have what we want when we release those emotional blocks.

I also realised that it was the tapping I’d done just a few days before on my value of love which had opened me up to be able to experience love now in its purest form.

I’ve since shared these values processes with many people, including some additional distinctions I’ve learned for resolving internal values conflicts. Like me, my clients and workshop participants have found that this the most important self-development work you can do.

What could ever be more important than what is most important to you? If you can’t make time to work on that, what is your life really about? I know that if you, like me, get even a small part of those important feelings you really want, that many things in your life will come into balance. That’s why I encourage you right now to do as I did and look to the experiences where you learned your current values and start tapping! It will be time well spent. Here are two crucial questions to get you started:

  • What is MOST important to you?
  • Where did you learn this was MOST important?

I’d love to show you just how much more you can have of what you really want when you learn how to release your inner blocks. If you are interested, I invite you to spend a weekend with me in London this 22-23 August at my first ever international Values Intensive.

Steve Wells

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