Deep state repatterning: receiving a gift

deep state reipatterning

Tania A Prince discusses the uses of her Deep State Repatterning technique.

A question that I often think about is: how far can we go using tapping techniques? Do we stop as soon as the issue is cleared and the person no longer feels the negative feeling or can we go further?

I developed the “Receiving a Gift” stage of Deep State RePatterning to see just how far we could go and quite honestly I have been amazed at the results I have seen.

Deep State RePatterning

Deep State RePatterning (DSR) is a process that blends EFT, NLP and Inner Child work amongst other things. It works by finding the deepest foundational events linked to problems and then clearing these roots to a very deep level.

Most therapies focus on dealing with events that occur from early childhood upward. DSR can be used on these events, but it can also find and deal with roots that lie much deeper. It is not uncommon for issues to start during the birth process or even while the person is in the womb.

Roots can even stem much deeper such as from ancestral or past life issues. DSR is a process that can deal with the roots of problems no matter where they originate.

I think it is important to just point out that you do not need to believe in past lives to use this approach as you could very easily see DSR as a process that allows the mind to work metaphorically on issues. Using metaphor in therapy is a very powerful way to get results.

Receiving a gift – how to do it

This is a step that is used after healing ancestral or past life events.

The script written below is from the therapist’s point of view. If you want to use this script to work on your own issues just adapt the language to reflect that.

  1. Completely clear the emotions and limiting beliefs from the past life, or ancestral person at the root of the problem you are dealing with.
  2. “I want you now to have a sense of asking him/ her on that screen if there was a gift they could pass on to you that would be able to help you in your life and that is for your highest good is it OK for them to give that to you?”
    Listen to the answer.
    If the answer is yes, go to the next step. If the answer is no, resolve the issues.
  3. “Now I want you to just check, is it OK for you to receive this gift?”
    If the answer to this is yes, proceed with the following script, if it is no, find out what the blocks are and tap them through until they clear.

The wording does not have to be exactly as follows, but this is the general type of language you need to use, because it does not specify what gift should be given to the person. The only thing specified by the language is that whatever the gift is it should be for their highest good and help them in this life. This allows whatever they receive to be right for them.

Karate point: “Beginning to have a sense of receiving whatever that is, feeling reassured that whatever it is it will be for your highest good and beginning to do that now in a way that is right for you.”
Eyebrow: “Beginning to sense whatever that is.”
Side of the eye: “In the most wonderful way.”
Under the eye: “Taking that onboard however it is appropriate for you to receive that and sensing that now.”
Under the nose: “In just the right way, that can begin to help you now.”
Chin: “In a very wonderful way.”
Collarbone: “And of course feeling reassured that you can do that now, haven’t you?”
Under arm: “And receiving that gift that is for your higher good and sensing that now.”


Attendees at my recent Deep State RePatterning Training course had this to say:

“I felt at peace (after the DSR process dealing with the roots of the problem). I was then given another gift. This (was the) final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. (It) allowed me to realise who I am. It is difficult to explain in words the feeling that I felt at that moment but I truly knew that I am ‘unconditional love’. How can one explain that in words? I have a sense now that I have nothing to prove and I see that same love in everyone that I look at and in life. I know why I am here and am just going to enjoy my journey.”
J, who wrote after going through the DSR process for a pain in her shoulder on which EFT had no effect

“In this life I haven’t so far had a successful, loving relationship and I have often felt that I have had the proverbial dumped on me from a great height! Being aware of past lives I couldn’t help but believe that I must have been a really bad person in my past life to have been dumped on like I have in this life, so that is something I worked on during the DSR course.

To cut a long story short (isn’t that just the metaphorical epitome of DSR!) it came to light that in my most recent past life I was a cocky, bitter young man who went about making other peoples’ lives a misery; the ‘why should anyone else be happy when I’m not’ scenario – all because of his own deep ingrained subconscious feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Through the DSR healing process when my DSR partner presented the question ‘because that happened, what did that mean about life’, his answer, surprisingly, was “Kindness brings happiness.”

So we worked on that. And it felt as if a great weight had not just been lifted from my shoulders, but as if a great weight had been lifted from my soul! Fantastic! Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you introduced the final stage of the process – ‘The Gift’. And yes that once cocky bitter young man did have a gift for me ... I could still see him on the screen and he approached me smiling, and with both hands infused the warmest amount of love into my heart! That was his gift to me. And I could still see him on the screen, dancing a little jig and beaming with happiness. I said to my DSR partner, “Awww! He’s happy!” and it hit me ... what did the consequences of his feelings and actions mean to him ..., it meant kindness brings happiness. What kinder gift can you give to someone than love, and what make us happier than love? Wow! What a gift! Like I said before, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you introduced the gift and that just totally and completely, completed it for me.”

“...the Gift – that was like the icing on the cake. It finished the healing session off by leaving me feeling emotionally elated.

When you asked me to receive a gift after the healing, I was very surprised when my father came through and sent me love – I could feel it being received into my heart and on the screen. I could see him with a beautiful smile on his face.”

“As I mentally asked my small child what gift she had which would help me in this life, she held a golden ball which she called a ball of trust. As she held out the ball towards me and I reached to accept it, I was aware of the golden ball becoming larger and larger as though it was inflating. As it came closer to me, it was as big as me and it enclosed me within it. I felt a sense of the trust being sealed within me, as if the trust and I became one. It was a very beautiful gift which I gratefully received. I mentally gave thanks to the child for this gift of trust. It was just what I needed! I felt a much deeper sense of completion than I had previously and rather than feeling neutral, I would say I felt a warm, deep peace in my core.

In the DSR process we see the past events on a screen, this allows the client to have control over the emotions they experience while doing this process, using simple NLP concepts.

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