Dealing with issues about men


UK-based EFT master Andy Bryce discusses how the modern world and the issues it raises are placing new pressures on men in every aspect of their lives.

It was not long after I had decided to co-present a workshop for men together and to bring a unique perspectives and skills to the issues, when I realised that it was not just for men and their issues, it was for issues about men too.

The last forty years have bought changes to the relationships of men and women in personal and workplace environments. Where once the workplace was a bastion of male dominance, with results more important than feelings, now, how you say it is as important at the office as it is at home.

One thing that I have noticed for years is that even the enlightened ones, who use the Law of Attraction in many areas of life, throw it out the window when dealing with their spouse. If you have chosen to be with this person, you have done so for a reason, and it is usually not the reason you assumed.

The partner we choose is our mirror, as Carl Jung suggested we all have the opposite energy inside us, the anima/animus and I believe that our partner is a mirror of our relationship with this inner man or woman. Most of us spend a great deal of time trying to polish the mirror instead of looking inside to clear the blemishes.

If you have not released your childhood issues you will most likely choose a partner who will allow you the opportunity to face them again ... and again, until you clear them. In metaphysics we refer to it as ‘When you change inside, people close to you change with you, or they go away’ and, ‘What you resist, persists.’

If you have been betrayed, abused, dominated or more subtly manipulated, it will be difficult to trust another with your heart. This is true for men as well as women. When you release the emotional charge on the past you can be present in a new way and you can choose a partner from wholeness rather than choosing one that will fit your missing piece.

I also see the masculine and feminine as pure energy, apart from man and woman which can be blocked by our pain and fear. The energy of intuition, inspiration and creativity is incoming, and feminine, while the action taken to express the inspiration is masculine. Whenever we have a judgement about one or the other life will reflect it in some way, as difficulty.

The objective for me in this workshop was to create a space where we can all celebrate the marriage of the masculine and feminine inside us through releasing the pain and the judgements. Then we can step into our power as whole, unlimited human beings with open hearts. World peace will come through the inner peace of the individual and the harmony of our relationships.

Andy Bryce

Andy Bryce will be presenting workshops on EFT and emotional freedom for men in London this August alongside Steve Wells.

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