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Dr Rangana Choudhuri reports on Dawson Church’s recent research workshop in Ilkley, where he discussed the breakthroughs of the new biology: epigenetics, the science of intention and its application in improving and enjoying human relationships.

by Dr Rangana Choudhuri

The weekend with Dawson was exciting, exhilarating and refreshing. At first when I saw Dawson I felt a little intimidated by his towering 6 foot 6 inch stature. He was so big and I was so small (5ft 2inchs)! tap, tap, tap, tap....

Then as I got to know him I started to experience the power of this incredible human being. He was kind, compassionate, curious and full of great insights and knowledge. Dawson could effortlessly bridge the world of science and p values with the world of love and energy medicine.

Dawson, author of Genie in your Genes, is the motivating force behind many of the recent research studies supporting EFT. Publisher, writer, researcher and explorer at the leading edge of science, health and human consciousness, he brings energy, enthusiasm and clear thinking to EFT. He strives to find answers to the much-asked question “how does it work?” and “what is happening when we use tapping techniques?”

The weekend started on Friday evening with a special session on EFT Research. At the end of the evening three research groups were established to lead EFT research in the UK. For more information contact Mary Hunt (emotional repair email), Pat Ballantyne (pat ballantyne email) or Judy Wilkinson (judy wilkinson email). To join the EFT Research yahoo group contact Elham Kashefi (elham email).

On Saturday Dawson enlightened us all with the science behind energy medicine and EFT and on Sunday he explained the energy of love. Here are some of my key scientific insights from the meeting:

  • Your DNA is not your DESTINY – Identical twins with the same genetic code presented with very different health profiles - one was very healthy whilst the other had dementia, incontinence and a degenerative disorder. Identical twins can have the same genetic code at three years and after 50 years their genomes can be very different.
  • Energy Medicine is not a new phenomenon – the first evidence for energy medicine dates back 5,300 years in the form of acupuncture point tattoos on a mummy discovered in Western Europe with osteoporosis. The tattoos corresponded to those used to treat osteoporosis.
  • Doctors are aware of energy medicine – medical professionals already use energy medicine in the form of ultrasound, MRIs, EKGs and ECG.
  • Being nurtured at an early age is critical to good health – a study of 17,400 subjects showed that lack of nurturing from parents resulted in disease. The more abuse a child experiences the greater the problem in adult life. These effects may be reversed with the use of energy medicine.
  • Stress increases cortisol levels – increased stress levels can increase cortisol which can result in chronic health problems, for example heart disease.
  • EFT can lower cortisol in the body – after EFT treatment cortisol levels in the body dropped by 21% versus CBT (cognitive behaviour treatment) and no treatment where cortisol dropped by 14%.
  • Brain scans show that TFT can reduce anxiety – patients with severe anxiety disorder shifted from highly dysfunctional brain scans to completely normal radio frequencies after 12 sessions of EFT.
  • EFT proven effective on pain and cravings – a recent study in peer-review demonstrated that EFT significantly (p<0.01) reduces pain, intensity of traumatic memories and cravings by 68%, 83% and 86% respectively.
  • the latest veteran study shows EFT reduces PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms – a recent observational study on patients with PTSD found that after six sessions of EFT, anxiety and depression decreased by 46% and 49% respectively (p<0.001). These gains were maintained after 90 days as well.

Dawson Church is a licensed Energy Psychology practitioner who has written extensively on the amazing effects of energy therapies on DNA that can yield fast and radical cures.

Dawson is hoping to return to Europe in October 2009. If you would like to see Dawson in action contact Mary Hunt (emotional repair email).

Visit his website for more information, or visit EFT Events for a copy of the recent Iraq Veterans study, or lists of published EFT research.

I hope you have found these insights useful. Please do use these insights when explaining EFT – it builds your reputation as well as the credibility of EFT.

A full list of references can be found in Genie in your Genes, available from Cygnus Review. Don’t forget to request the bonus article from the latest edition when you order.

For more information contact Dr Rangana Choudhuri, Level 3 Practitioner and founder of Deeper Life Coaching on 07855 431116 or rangana email.

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