Anyone for alphabet soup?

alphabet soup

You may have heard mention recently of the expression ‘meridian tapping techniques’ (as discussed in some detail in Pat Carrington’s newsletter).

by John Bullough

Why ‘tapping’ you may ask? After all, the expression ‘meridian ENERGY techniques’ is the very essence of the name AAMET, and for many of us, a good description of what we do.

Whatever we may think of it though, the word ‘tapping’ seems to have caught on as popular shorthand for the type of techniques we use within AAMET, not just among practitioners but also the population at large.

According to Google AdWords, the word tapping had a global monthly search volume of 550,000 times last month, and while some of those searches undoubtedly related to putting threads into holes in metal or tapping into mobile phones, the trend seems to be growing.

So if it is catching on, should we now embrace it within AAMET? We discussed this at the last meeting of the TPL and within the Management Team and decided to acknowledge the term meridian tapping techniques as a good generic or umbrella phrase for all we do that is tapping related. “Meridian tapping techniques”, as used by AAMET, is a generic or umbrella term which includes all techniques that are based on tapping on meridians. In practice, for most AAMET members, this will probably mean traditional EFT and everything related to it or developed from it.

How does this affect me as a trainer or practitioner? Well, IT DOESN’T, if what you teach or practice is traditional as taught by Gary Craig. But if you blend this with other techniques, or if you teach or use variations or developments from any of these, you may see merit in giving it a special name, and we’ve seen a rush of these in the last few months as the field expands exponentially, leading inevitably to a proliferation of acronyms, or alphabet soup.

So instead of a proliferation of names, what about one expression which we can ALL use as a catch all, in whatever way seems most appropriate? One expression that will gradually gain momentum and acceptance in the eyes of the world ...

I’m not saying that anyone has all the answers on this yet, but there would seem to be mutual benefit in everyone working together, and AAMET is probably as well positioned as any to contribute to the glue that might hold all this together.

What does everyone think?

STOP PRESS: Gary Craig is holding a teleclass on “The Future of EFT and the Open Hand Policy” on Saturday May 30 (sign up details in his newsletter). He also plans to “address recent misinformation that has been circulating on the internet”.

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