Matrix Reimprinting the key to past trauma

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer Sasha Allenby, who is co-authoring the Matrix Reimprinting book with its creator EFT Master Karl Dawson, shows how Matrix Reimprinting leads the client to a natural reframe.

by EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer Sasha Allenby

Matrix Reimprinting (see original article) works using the principles of quantum physics. When we experience a trauma, part of us splits off and goes into the field or matrix. The part of us that splits off is known in Matrix Reimprinting as an ECHO, which stands for ‘energy consciousness hologram’. With Matrix Reimprinting we work directly with these ECHOs, allowing them to release the trauma around a past event, and empowering them to create new and supportive memories and pictures in our field or matrix.

Case study – Shirley’s reframe

Shirley, a lovely mature lady who is often described by her friends and associates as having a heart of gold, worked in a doctor’s surgery. The surgery was opposite a centre for recovering heroin addicts, and the reception staff were under strict instruction to only give the toilet key to patients within the practice. This was because in the past someone from the recovery centre had overdosed on heroin in the surgery’s toilets.

During a busy period, Shirley was working on the reception desk on her own when two men entered the surgery, and asked for the toilet key. They insisted they were patients. There were children in the queue and one man was becoming particularly agitated about gaining access to the toilet. Under pressure, and with protecting the children in mind, Shirley relented and gave him the key.

Tension built for Shirley as the man was in the toilet for some time, before his friend went to check on him and in panicked tones, began shouting that his friend had overdosed on heroin. There was a huge commotion as doctors, nurses and ambulance staff fought to save the man’s life. He was eventually resuscitated and was coherent when he left the surgery.

Shirley’s confidence in her ability to make a decision under pressure was severely knocked by this incident, and she considered leaving her job. During a one-to-one session with her, I started with the traditional EFT Movie Technique, up until the point where the key was demanded. We then used the Matrix Reimprinting technique so that Shirley could go back and tap on herself and interact with the ECHO over the issue of handing over the key. On conversing with her ECHO she realised that she had made the right decision, as she had come from the intention of protecting the children in the queue.

The next point of emotional intensity in the movie was the moment she heard that the man had overdosed. One of the core issues identified with Shirley was the fact that she felt responsible for others. While imagining tapping on her ECHO at the reception desk, I asked the ECHO to take her back to her earliest memory of feeling responsible for others. Initially the memory was one when Shirley was in her late thirties, and she was ignoring her alcoholic mother’s phone calls. She tapped on the ECHO in the memory and conversed with her to reassure her that she was not responsible for her mum. The phone tone changed from a shrill and jarring sound to a more melodic tone, and it did not hold any emotional intensity for her. A feeling of calm and peace came over her. At this time she was not able to access an even earlier memory from childhood which made her feel responsible for her mum, but we made a note that there may be future work around this.

We went back to the memory in the doctor’s surgery and she returned to tapping on the original ECHO. The point of intensity was when the doctors and nurses rallied around. I asked Shirley to check with her ECHO as to what messages she was giving herself at this point. She replied: “I can never get it right” – another core belief. Tapping on the ECHO, I again suggested that the ECHO took her back to her earliest memory of never getting it right.

This time she was six years old, standing there as her mum listed all the things that she had done wrong. An angelic child who always tried to please her mum, Shirley was continually told how much of a failure that she was throughout her whole childhood. She got permission to tap on her ECHO, and as she did she entered into a dialogue with her. She reassured her that she was a beautiful and lovely child, and that it was her mum that was at fault. She was carrying a sense of isolation in her body which Shirley could also feel. This was resolved for both Shirley and her ECHO using EFT.

On resolution of this feeling, Shirley’s ECHO wanted to go to the beach. She wanted to spend time with Shirley and experience love and reassurance. I asked Shirley to check with her ECHO if she would like to meet others who love Shirley now such as her son, her grandson and her daughter in law, or her friends on the beach. However, the ECHO just wanted to be with Shirley, and experience her love like the love of a parent, one to one. When this felt complete we took the picture into Shirley’s mind and then heart, and projected it back out into the field.

I then asked Shirley to return to her ECHO in the doctor’s surgery and see if she still felt that she could never get it right. There was a pause and a rush of emotion from Shirley. Her reframe of the situation brought us both to tears. “No,” she replied, “I did get it right, because my actions saved his life. If he had gone somewhere else and overdosed, there would have been no one to save him.” The reframe came from Shirley. Her whole voice and demeanour had changed.

On playing the original movie, no intensity remained at all. She felt a sense of compassion for the man who had overdosed. She had spent several weeks agonising over her decision, which she now recognised to be the best one she could have made at the time. She also resolved to raise in a staff meeting the issue of how to handle people who insist on having the key, and the protocols that needed to be put in place to ensure staff safety. Shirley loved working at the surgery, and now this incident, rather than shattering her confidence, had given her a renewed sense of positivity about her work.

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