Emotional Freedom Techniques – an alternative to taking medication?

By 2010 the European Union is set to ban therapeutic natural health products such as food supplements. It also intends to regulate the traditional and homeopathic remedies that many of us frequently depend on for the relief of both physical and emotional complaints.

These regulations are likely to affect our freedom to choose alternative remedies and are in response to pressure from the major pharmaceutical companies who are making massive profits from the sale of prescription medicines. Currently there are organisations such as the Alliance for Natural Health campaigning against the implementation of many of these regulations and so, in the coming months, we are likely to hear much public debate about them.

When it comes to psychological and emotional complaints, many of us still choose to take prescription medication despite the fact it is now known that these don’t provide a cure but merely a relief from the symptoms. These medicines can often have a range of side effects including sweating, ringing in the ears, dizziness and insomnia. Many of them are also at worst addictive or at best lead to dependency where the patient, although not physically addicted, may come to depend on the effect of the medication to cope with day to day life. It should also be noted that many antidepressants are only supposed to be taken for short periods, with their effectiveness becoming reduced after a period of time requiring increased doses.

It’s comforting to know then in these days of uncertainty and disillusionment, that there are a number of non-medicinal treatments for the physical effects of emotional problems. One which many have found to be extremely effective is called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. These techniques are based on the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture but don’t require the use of needles. EFT can be easily learnt so that people can use it in their daily lives and many have found that it provides a practical way of helping them to cope with problems such as stress, anxiety and depression and many more of the modern ailments that often bring us to our doctor’s surgery. The techniques have had no side effects to date and may also decrease the need for medication.

At the Asante Therapy Centre we use EFT because over six years of experience doing so has shown us that it works. We often use it to reduce the effects of anxiety such as palpitations (increased heart rate), shortness of breath and chest pain caused by tension. We have also used it to resolve phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder and help with symptoms of depression such as insomnia, fatigue, irritability and eating disorders. In view of the new regulations that the EU is trying to impose upon us and our increasing dependence on prescription medications, there is perhaps an increasing need for new more natural ways to combat the pressures of modern life.

EFT is perhaps at the cutting edge of non-medicinal treatments for the physical effects of emotional problems and is one of the most effective and practical that we have encountered to date.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues call David Culver or Eileen McCarney on +353 (0) 41 9803783. For more information visit Asante Therapy Centre.

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