Visualisation brings the sweet smell of success

Italian EFT practitioner Anita Colucci describes how a client combined EFT with a strong visualisation of sunflower scent and avoided a surgical procedure.

One day the client, Anna, came to me very scared and almost in tears. Her left nostril was noticeably closed as it had been for months. She had adhesions to the bone of the nose and the air could not go through.

The doctor had just informed her that in order to re-establish correct breathing she had to be operated on very soon.

Anna was terrified.

We immediately started a tapping session with visualisation.

I asked the name of her favourite flower and told her to try to see it by imaging of full-throated smelling it and repeat:

“I feel the smell”...“I can smell it all the way”...“the smell comes into my lungs”...“I can feel the smell coming up my nose”...

Since we only had 20 minutes, I told her to repeat this exercise at home 3-4 times a day.

The following day, Anna informed me that a drop of blood had painlessly come out from her nose.

Anna continued to repeat the exercise for a week before meeting with me again. The nostril was noticeably open and she could breathe almost completely.

After a few days, everything was back to normal!

We went to see her doctor together to show him the ‘miracle’ achieved through EFT...the surgery was no longer necessary!

I learned afterward that the flower chosen by Anna was the sunflower. When she realised that this flower in reality has a very bad smell, it was already all over!

Later still Anna told me that her left nostril had started to close with the beginning of disagreements regarding the moral behaviour of a woman in her family...(something smells fishy...)

Perhaps Anna wanted to smell it no more...

In response, Anna said: “Thanks Anita for having released me from this problem and from the risk of a surgery. I have learnt EFT and now I practise it daily for any circumstance and my life has clearly improved.”

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