Four main phases in an EFT session to bring about change

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Recently in a face to face supervision an EFT practitioner asked me how I would describe the main phases of change with EFT. I have since made my answer more succinct.

Quite simply one can breakdown an EFT session into four main phases to bring about change, balance and healing.

Expert practitioners will be well versed in all of them and know how to ask questions that will:

  1. Awaken Awareness, Awareness is sometimes all that is needed for change to occur, as soon as there is awareness the doors for change open...
    Developing awareness is about listening to the inner and outer dialogue intently. Words, emotions, movement, physical signs, expand your perception to listen to more than the story.
    Awareness is the ART of tuning IN.
  2. Discover a way IN to the core issue with INquiry and Intuition, with Inquiry perception can change in an instant...
    With Awareness, Intuition and tapping the client can clear surface emotions to reveal the cause. The tapping opens different ways of seeing what is going on.
  3. Expand Listening and Observational Skills without judgement, this allows for the creation of a space of deep acceptance
    Listening as the client reveals HOW the cause or issue has impacted their lives creating a safe space for them to notice it, too. Go deeper to uncover specific memories, emotions, thoughts, and body sensations. While tapping listen and observe as the clients begins to have a shift. Listen and Observe changes to sensations in their body, mind, emotions.
  4. Test Changes this gives the client a sense of completion, let them check in and experience the change, there may be more work to be done, but the client leaves knowing that much has already cleared...
    Go back to the beginning and ask them how they feel now.
    Check how the changes would show up in their life now. What is different for them NOW

For practitioners who get stuck at any of these steps, here are a few tapping pointers that helped the practitioner I was working with, as he tuned in to a session that I asked him to “fabricate”, a session that was full of potential “toe stubbing moments”, we tapped on:

Even though I am not aware of what is going on and sometimes I miss what is staring me right in the face, I love and accept myself

Even though I am so busy with my own thoughts I choose to experience stillness and clarity

Even though I’m not always sure what is happening or where and how to go forward with this, I accept myself unconditionally

Even though I don’t know, I allow God to work through me

Even though I do not know what will happen, if I will be of any help I make a very clear intention that healing occurs anyway

Even though when I test the changes sometimes they seem so small, almost insignificant and it makes me feel...(he made a whimpering noise) I choose to feel deep love and respect for the process

Even though I do not know if I can help anyone I choose to surrender all my doubts and experience faith in the client’s ability to heal themselves...

When we tapped on the clients’ ability to heal themselves, all the lights went on in his head as he exclaimed, (I am paraphrasing with permission) “You know what, whenever I am with you I experience that you completely trust me and I experience that I may not believe in me but you do believe in me, and somehow that makes me feel that I can do it. I am able to heal myself; I am capable of believing in myself too.”

In some ways, this is true; when working with a client I believe that it is important to have total trust that the client is capable of experiencing and creating infinite joy and healing. It reminds me of what Goethe wrote, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being."”

This last round brought a real smile to his face. “Of course, I am not doing anything, they are...I get to watch them heal themselves at their pace,” he said.

The magic of EFT is its simplicity. Yet EFT simplicity is mastery.

Infinite gratitude,
Ranjana Appoo

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