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The credit crunch has had everyone thinking about their business. How to attract new clients and how to retain old customers. How to create a business that continues to grow, that continues to reach out and help people despite - and perhaps because of - the current financial situation.

In this article, advanced EFT practitioner Roy Martin looks at seven keys that will help you to really grow your business and bring more people into your practice.

Key #1 - know what clients you need

Do you know how many clients you need in your practice? Or how many you want? It’s very easy to set unrealistic goals for yourself and try to fill your week with clients. Is that what you want? I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong - but just decide for yourself. How much money do you want to make… and how much do you want to charge? That’ll help you work out how many paying clients you need each week.

(And remember to set some time aside for marketing and for administration too - otherwise you’ll end up doing your tax return at 2am because you haven’t been able to fit it into the week.)

So what sort of clients are you looking for? Can you describe them? How old are they? What jobs do they do? What are they interested in? How can you contact them? Where are they gathering?

Set a very clear intention as to who you are attracting into your business - and you’re going to dramatically increase the probability of it happening!

Key # 2 - what you have is a business

I talk to a lot of EFT practitioners, coaches and therapists who seem to forget that they are running a business. Sure, we want to focus on helping people - it’s probably what got you into this work in the first place. And the way to make sure that you can carry on being able help people is to make sure that you’re continuing to grow your business. If you want to consistently be able to make a real difference in people’s lives, then you need to find a way to create a sustainable business.

And that means that you need to work at attracting people to you and to what you have to offer… through good marketing, consistent followup and effective sales. Often we shy away from this because ‘it’s all about helping people’ - but if people can’t find you and your services...then you can’t help them.

Key # 3 - understand the value of great PR

One way of creating a buzz around your business is through good PR. A really easy (and free) way to create interest in who you are and what you do is through coverage in the press and even on radio or TV. And it’s easier to get that than you might think. Now, of course, you have to maintain client confidentiality at all times… but you can talk about a situation rather than a specific individual. Or maybe one of your clients would be happy to be featured - it all depends on what you’re working on them with, and your relationship with them.

It’s well worth writing an article for a newspaper - but make sure it’s got lots of interest and colour. Think of who is going to read it. What would interest you? Tell a story. Paint a picture in words. Tell them how EFT has worked for you. Add lots of colour and human interest, and then make sure that the readers can find you easily with contact details and a web site link (you do have a web site, don’t you?). The press are always looking for good articles - after all, they have lots of space to fill - so if you can create something that’s compelling to read… then they’ll print it!

Key # 4 - know your marketing strengths

Find a way of marketing that works for you. I hate writing, so I tend to avoid it. Because it takes me ages to write something good, PR and advertising just isn’t the right medium for me. But I love talking to people, so networking and presentations are perfect. Sure, sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone… and sometimes you'll find that you really like something you didn’t expect to - but you’re going to be most effective when you’re doing something you really enjoy.

So, if you like talking to people one to one, then networking would be a great option. If you love writing, then PR and newsletter marketing would be great. If you love speaking in public, then find ways to do talks and make presentations.

Key # 5 - understand your niche

One of the big mistakes we make is to try to be all things to all people. EFT has an incredibly wide range of application and works on so many issues and at so many levels. And that often means that when someone asks what sort of clients we're looking for, then we just say ‘everyone’. Now, that might be true...but you need to focus. Perhaps you’ve had the greatest success working with people with self confidence problems. Perhaps you feel incredibly fulfilled when you help someone with childhood trauma. Perhaps you really enjoy working with children. That will reveal your niche. By marketing to your niche then not only will you attract more the people you really enjoy working with, but you'll find it easier to market to them too. That’s because you’ll be able to speak very directly to them and to their issues - that laser like focus will help them know that you can help them with their specific issue.

Key # 6 - collaborate with others

You can really increase the number of people that you can connect with simply by collaborating with other people. So you might, for example, work with a gym on health and fitness related issues - talk to their personal trainers about how you can help people. If doctors are aware of how you can help, then they’re becoming very open to referring people.

Look at people who are selling to the same people as you are - and join forces. Help them offer a better service.

And remember to collaborate with other EFT practitioners. You’re not’re partners. Perhaps they have a different niche to you. Perhaps they have a different approach. You might be a better fit for some of their contacts - and vice versa.

Key # 7 - believe in yourself

Finally, here’s the biggest key to you being successful. Over the years the biggest mistake I see practitioners making is not believing in themselves enough. Each one of you is an incredible human being, full of capability, certainty, power, energy, wisdom and love. You set out on this career in order to make a difference in the world, and that in itself makes you different. Set your abilities free and truly understand what you give to people. What’s more, as you connect to the truth of how awesome you are, then you give your clients the freedom to be awesome and incredible too.

And finally...recognise you don’t have all the answers, and there’s always something you can learn about how to sell your services. Be creative, and you’ll find your practice - and your business - growing.

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