The EFT Gathering

‘Gathering’ is a happy word. It’s defined somewhat coldly on the online dictionary as an assemblage of people, but that is to miss the anticipation, the journey, the recognition of old friends and making of new ones. And as we all know, any EFT gathering includes a huge dose of magic. Together we find inspiration, acceptance, joy, exploration, learning and hope - not forgetting, a brilliant time.

by Laura Merton

So it was at the first EFT Gathering in Ilkley, the last weekend in January. Gwyneth Moss abundantly proved her organisational gifts at the Masterclass 2007, also at Craiglands, and it was another bit of genius (and sweat) on her part to create a new, smaller event for those of us who need a regular fix of EFTers. Two days of tapping, two days of talk, and two days of sharing, add up to much more than the sum of those parts.

Saturday morning we found ourselves in a large, elegant room which would have been perfect had an icy wind not been eager to join us through the Victorian windows. Gwyneth broke the ice, almost literally, by starting a group tap on the cold in the room! It worked. She is a Master in more ways than one. She makes it look easy; she makes it all fun. If it’s true, as she herself described it, that achieving a successful weekend resembled ‘the swan gliding across the lake but pedaling furiously beneath the surface,’ few of us noticed a ripple.

What I am sure we all felt most throughout the Gathering was the deep gratitude of being with people who literally speak our language. I don’t know about you all, but I have to remind myself that if I keep talking about ‘healing energy’ and ‘vibrational levels’ and ‘clearing shifts of consciousness’ as if I were discussing whether to have a second cup of tea or not, I am going to come across as off-puttingly mad to most people. But then - aaah - to be able to communicate what we see, with other EFTers, is like sliding into a hot bath after a windy winter’s day.

As Gwyneth later said, the best sight of all was seeing people in animated groups everywhere, making new friends and bringing that special golden alchemy to the time we spent together. Everyone kept smiling - what a relief to feel allowed to do that!

And we even had time out to dance. The Salsa party in the ballroom gathered many of us together, first for a lesson (must tap for my two left feet!) and then the real thing, wiggling our hips, we hoped convincingly, to the enthusiastic 10-piece salsa band making great music. We had a weekend of good food, lovely surroundings, fantastic presenters, and almost most importantly, each other.

Now for more on the speakers. Linda Wood began Saturday morning by suggesting that we create a grid on a piece of A4 paper for our ‘aha!’ moments in each presentation; the rest of the weekend we delegates could be seen clutching and scrawling on our grids. I have to confess that I tend to write too much and then never look at it again. But with this idea, which will surely become a habit, the essence of each presentation is clearly there in front of you. With a glance the ideas have come back to me, the insights of each hour knitting themselves into my mind somewhere, I hope fruitfully in the future.

So now, here is my grid. It will be interesting to see how what I’ve picked up on compares with your own ideas - please do let me know!

Linda Wood gave most of us the first ‘aha!’, in offering the suggestion that running weight loss groups is a fantastic way to introduce EFT to the community. Every community has an interest in this and we're all looking for help. “You don’t have to be slim yourself to do this,” she told her suddenly empowered audience; you could practically feel the breeze caused by our mental doors sweeping open. She pointed out that none of us are exactly free of all issues when we clear our clientS’ own, and that sharing our clients’ goals is a way of connecting with them and offering hopeful support.

Christine Sutton and Philip Davies followed with a brilliantly clear way of visualising the vibrational level of many different emotions. In eight layers of colour on the page, these feelings rise from black despair up through red anger and revenge, lifting through orange doubt and blame to green hopefulness, and further still through blue happiness to violet joy, freedom, love and passion. They reminded us that the essence of all healing is in change; and that in lifting our vibrations we might have to pass through some less than pleasant, but higher, states before coming to live in joy. I for one will use this chart and give it to clients, because like the best ideas, it seems so obvious yet is clearly original; just looking at it saves a thousand words.

While some of us peeled off for the NHS breakout sessions, on came Diane Holliday, who gave us a demonstration of powerful techniques for use in relationship mediation. The idea she offered so lucidly was in getting couples (or individuals) to tap for someone else by being that person. It’s a simple but profound way to increase mutual understanding and bring about healing for both individuals and the relationship itself. The technique can even be useful in healing unresolved problems with those that have died. She reminded us always to ‘tap out the fear first’.

A natural extension of these ideas came next, with Martine Moorby’s presentation on surrogate tapping. She must have a troop of angels tapping on a cloud somewhere for her, because she radiates her love for the healing of EFT so glowingly. “Don’t just ‘get results'’”, she implored, “achieve peace”. One of the most exciting introductions for me from the whole Gathering was her discussion of Ho’oponopono and how beautifully its simple technique can be incorporated into EFT; as Gwyneth later added, its four steps (I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you) can have a wonderfully healing effect, used instead of ‘I deeply and completely accept myself’.

Margaret Abraham offered a moving description of our giraffe selves - the animal with a long neck for seeing clearly, but with the largest heart of mammals; and the jackal self, low and accusing. She reminded us of one of the most beautiful things about EFT; that it explains, without blame. In naming our feelings and needs, and tapping away the negative aspects, we achieve true freedom from any limiting and exhausting need for retribution and guilt. Everything is as it is; and everything can be changed and healed. What a positive message.

Alan Morrison followed with a fascinating discussion of how to ‘cut cords’. We can, using EFT, free ourselves and our clients from any damaging cords to others, or to ideas and beliefs that hold us back. He suggested several techniques for imagining the strength and nature of these energetic chains, and even to using the Archangel Michael, with his sword of truth, to sever connections that distress us. Just because we cut the cord that binds us to unhappy situations with people, it doesn’t mean we don’t love them or have killed them within us in some way; it simply frees each person to be themselves. One interesting aspect of this technique came with the realisation that those we have poisonous cords with, might not want them attached to us either!

If it’s wonderful to experience an EFT community like the Gathering, it’s also a very important idea to keep a record of our results when we're using EFT with others. Joe Potter, already a master of compiling data for Reiki, asked for experiential data on EFT. We all have to live with the fact that the sort of science the orthodox medical world demands may take a while to catch up with the practice of EFT, and our input into the records can only help establish it as a stand-alone therapy more and more likely to be accepted into the NHS and the world in general. For any of us who have compiled data (and received permission from clients), the world is waiting for what Joe called his ‘clinical audit’.

After this, our working day ended with a discussion of the new AAMET rules of membership. What came shining through was the dedication of John Bullough, Tam Llewellyn and all others in the organisation, in working rather shockingly long hours to bring EFT to a respected place in literally healing the world. Without the administrators to support us, EFT would have an amorphous and potentially confusing face for the public. However, “we are not a regulatory body,” John said, “we are a group of like minded people agreeing on standards”. This is an amazing time for all of us to be witnesses midwives both, to energy therapy.

Karin Davidson, whose work most of us have appreciated without knowing it, came from behind her camera and up to the stage to share with us her witty and insightful, and often moving, description of the beautiful power of instinct. This is the inspiring connection with the universe and the truths it holds. She reminded us that the more we use our instincts, the more insights we receive and the more confident we become in that connection. Above all, she said, don’t forget to just ask.

Continuing powerfully was Gillian Wightman, whose strength and courage in dealing with her own story was humbling to hear. Her experiences have given her a profound wisdom and understanding of mental health issues, and an ability to communicate with quiet grace. She offered the insight that those things about us that cause us pain, are usually ourselves in a state of defense. If we ask, “What is the positive intention of these symptoms?” we immediately connect with ourselves. What are these symptoms trying to protect us from? Just bearing this reframe in mind is bound to bring healing.

Many of us would like to use EFT in the community more, but don’t know where to start. Ranjana Appoo is an experienced community EFTer, trainer, leader and writer, and gave numerous inspiring ideas of how to start and maintain groups, as well as an infectious enthusiasm to her presentation that surely will result in further spreading the healing grace of EFT.

How does EFT work? It’s a question that separates the use of EFT from many sceptics, but Dave Wharton demonstrated the power of the mind in having us do a fascinating group visualization first. After having our brainwaves dancing around with images of roads and gardens, he spoke about the four levels of brain waves. It seems that, with EFT and other energy therapies, the beta, chattering brain is able to connect with the deeper alpha, theta and deepest delta waves; a total brain communication is enabled, which opens the subconscious to its natural healing state. Next time someone asks us how EFT can possibly work, we may be able to offer a better answer.

Frances Songhurst warmly and wittily gave a presentation on tapping for dislike of people in the media. Having heard her explain it, it now seems so obvious that the things and people we react to on TV or in cinemas is a reflection of ourselves and our own issues. After all, as she pointed out, we don’t even know these people, so it isn’t exactly rational to feel strongly about them! She gave a very entertaining demonstration of tapping away these feelings to discover and heal core issues. This will prove to be a valuable and fun tool, possibly tailor-made for some difficult clients.

The last official presentation, before we all braved the snowy roads, was given by Anne Grey. She called it The Power of Love, and enveloped us all in her own. Referring to Christine Sutton and Philip Davies’ earlier colourful ‘Emotional Scale’ chart, she delivered the uplifting message we all need to hear, that ‘Living in Violet’ is entirely possible. Joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation and passion - they can be ours. Through the three steps of having a spiritual practice, using EFT, and living in love, we can truly live in bliss.

Even the final session, an open mike, was truly inspiring, as a few people recounted harrowing stories that were all the more humbling for being helped and healed by EFT - without even the benefit of a therapist. Truly beautiful.

So, our weekend is over, but we carry it within us still. If Ho’oponopono is right in suggesting that the world is a reflection of ourselves, then collectively we must have been doing something right to be there.

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