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Following the Education Think Tank at the 2008 Masters Live, EFT CYP (Children and Young People) forum members (with minimum Level 2 EFT registered) met again in November. Members discussed and agreed in principal the way forward to offer distinct and professional EFT to:

  • education
  • families
  • children’s service providers.

Attendees completed questionnaires relevant to:

  • their individual aims over the next twelve months
  • possible obstacles/challenges
  • options for involvement and help.

Feedback from the questionnaires was thoroughly discussed, and members unable to attend the meeting, but dedicated to the same outcome, gave email and telephone feedback to the group. This input helped to formulate the initial working decisions.

One of the key areas clarified related to members’ motivation and interest in collaboration to what degree people were prepared to share experience and expertise and take on responsibilities. Feedback indicated that there was a desire:

  • to share and take advantage of the existing resources and opportunities
  • to develop others in the short to medium term.

Some of the key topics discussed:

Who is the forum for?

Any member of the public can register on the EFT CYP forum, providing they have some relevant interest or belong to the client group. Projects are already under way to provide a more extensive exchange of information. Much activity has been generated over the last year or so, and we need to capitalise on this. To date registered EFT practitioners across the UK have gained from:

  • referrals for individual sessions
  • exchange and support of individual cases
  • support from practitioners with specific interest and experience
  • general networking and support
  • training opportunities
  • opportunities for less experienced practitioners keen to get their teeth stuck in, to be involved as emotional helpers at larger workshops and trainings.

It is hoped that more opportunity and activity will be generated in the months to follow once the planned programme is officially live.

Since the beginning, a more limited access to networking, training and continuous professional development information has been available to EFT CYP forum members who meet minimum qualification and experience criteria. These criteria are under discussion, although a draft list is provided below.

Working document for criteria:

  • Level 3 AAMET trained and registered
  • clients and case studies (agreed in principal, details to be finalised)
  • special interest in working with CYP with supporting evidence
  • EFT is a core part of working practice (the forum recognises that members may be experienced in relevant areas such as relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy and NLP). The forum exists to support only the EFT practice
  • current valid enhanced CRB
  • Child Protection training considered
  • commitment to ongoing and relevant CPD specific to the needs of working with children, young people, children’s service providers and education.

Implementing a recognised programme?

Any EFT agency or programme operating to assist children needs to have a clearly defined protocol and guidelines. Members of the forum discussed the relevance of:

  • working closely with a sole professional EFT association
  • working with children via a recognisable, comprehensive EFT programme.

By providing a unified point of reference for both practitioners and the general public, it was felt that we would achieve more credibility nationwide. There were members of both UK leading associations, the AAMET and the AMT present at the meeting. The majority felt that working closely with the AAMET presented the better choice. These decisions will have impact on some non-AAMET members who wish to enlist in the TAP with ME programme outlined below.

The need for a strong and ongoing connection with the AAMET in general was underlined. We have already made recent alliances with members from the AAMET Training Panel with reference to many areas; in particular:

  • future training and CPD implications
  • issues around working with children - guidelines, CRB checking, child protection issues, all of which are crucial.

Other new AAMET panels just emerging will also provide important communication/networking points for our activities.

Attendees felt that the current materials in the TAP with ME programme and other material in the pipeline were suited to the needs of the planned projects. Moreover they voted that the materials will form the basis of the education programme that will be made available over the coming months.

Some of the material is made available for qualified practitioners only:

  • training manuals and presentation materials, access cards, tapping journal, etc.

Other parts are available to young people and families:

  • PAT Bear, song/s, DVDs etc.

Additional schools training materials will be available for educators and childrens service providers.

It is important to stress that nothing is set in stone; existing ideas and material provide a concrete starting point it is hoped that other members will come forward to contribute to a programme that will be robust, effective and above all FUN!!

Sounds like a lot of hard work - why will working with a common programme make much difference to the public?

So what happens now? You get a referral and the potential client checks you out with a phone call or by visiting your website. If a school knows and trusts you, perhaps you’re positively vetted, but what happens when they don’t? You still have the same skills and experience, but it can be hard being out there on your own.

By mid 2009 it will be possible for potential clients and organisations to:

  • be directed to a central website database of trained, experienced and AAMET approved EFT practitioners, with specific interest and expertise in CYP
  • read details of your particular expertise and experience, together with your registration with a nationally recognised specialist agency which is supported by the AAMET.

Currently a parent, school or provider, looking into EFT in general is faced with hundreds of EFT sites, all with separate identities and angles. The feeling was that in approaching the CYP sector:

  • adopting a semi-unified brand
  • having an increasingly recognised programme with a degree of consistency
  • providing a database of practitioners, all of whom satisfy important criteria.

Will prove less confusing for the public and achieve greater credibility for practitioners.

Some additions...

  • a leaflet outlining our work within the field of EFT CYP, with particular emphasis on parents, families, education and children’s organisations will be available shortly.
  • within the central register, suitably trained and verified EFT practitioners will be able to log other qualifications and training specifically suited to working within the CYP sector.
  • the question of funding was raised. My time and labour have been immersed in these projects almost exclusively for some 18 months now: passion and congruity rather than financial sense have been my driving force. The short answer to how to fund this into a national offering rests quite simply on your interest and commitment to training, networking and resources. Enough interest has been committed to additional training using both central resources and the hubs, for the whole venture to be launched with success.
  • other government funding sources and specialised sources may be considered in the future.

Fancy becoming a hubster?

National coverage of the TAP with ME Programme and specialist EFT practitioners will be actively marketed as funding allows. To spread the word, network and support each other more effectively on a local level, geographical hubs were suggested for suitable practitioners.

Current Level 3 and above EFT Practitioners and Trainers, who are active in the EFT CYP arena are welcome (and encouraged!!) to apply for the currently informal position of local hubster.

Ultimately, the network will grow in time and cover the entire British Isles.

As a local hubster, you are not claiming exclusivity of an area, nor does it preclude your activity in other areas of the country.

The idea behind hubs is:

  • to provide a more convenient, local focus for forum members to liaise, meet up and share information and experiences
  • to provide a solid, effective and supportive infrastructure by sharing the workload!!

Taking on the role of hubster will also mean that you are encouraged to support and gather feedback from other local EFT CYP practitioners. There are likely to be benefits arising from networking opportunities.

You can always offer to fulfil the role as a pair, especially if you are already active in joint projects or you felt more comfortable. You can always use this nifty little technique called tapping if you’re not sure!!

Current hubster offerings

Central co-ordinator Christine Moran
Jenny Foster - Sussex, Hampshire
Linda McCroft - East Anglia
Yvonne Page - Surrey
Valerie Stein - part of NW London
Julie Anne Mullen - Northern Ireland
Catherine Gallagher - Eire
Helena Fone - Manchester

Thanks to the current hub volunteers

And finally...

As you can see, we had a very full and productive meeting the rest as they say is up to you! To meet our goal of providing what we know to be the amazing techniques to the next generation of young people. Your decisions and commitment at this stage will impact on the successful launch of the TAP with Me programme.

The amount of input anyone feels able to give is obviously down to individual circumstances: in the words of they who shall not be named: Every little helps!! 2009 is the year to really put EFT for young people on the map.

Ke-e-e-e-p tapping!

For further information call Christine Moran on 01494 766778, or visit EFT for Children, Young People and Children's Service Providers or Adult EFT

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