Having the heart to change

How an energy technique can help you with your New Year’s resolution.

Why do so many people fail with their New Year’s resolutions? Many would agree that they don’t have the energy to keep up with them.

According to Jenny Cox, author of The Balance Procedure, success is a matter of learning a simple energy technique also called the Balance Procedure.

The Balance Procedure is natural, holistic, ecological and incredibly easy to learn says Jenny. Millions of people who have experienced energy techniques have found that their lives are never the same again.

The technique follows traditional Tibetan teaching, which focuses on the thymus/heart chakra, which Jenny calls the Balance Centre.

Ever notice that when people hear distressing news, they gasp and hold their mid-chest area? This center maintains equilibrium to all of the body’s systems which are intricately linked to every part of us mind, body and spirit.

By learning the Balance Procedure, you will discover that:

  • Your mind is one of your most powerful assets
  • You and everything you experience in life are the direct results of your thoughts
  • The ability to control your thoughts will allow you to choose the experiences, people and events you create in your life.

It is not the procedure itself, nor the practitioner, that brings about the results, says Jenny.

It is the life force working inside each person that brings about a total transformation.

The Balance Procedure teaches the reader to use the energy technique to accomplish success in any realm of life, including achieving New Year’s resolutions.

For more information visit www.thebalanceprocedure.com

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