Never too young to teach

I was holding a friend’s 8-month-old baby we will call George while we were together over the Christmas period and was amazed and happy to see his two-year-old brother Ben doing EFT on him.

by Mair Llewellyn BA(Hons) Psychology, EFT Honours

I knew his mother and sister frequently use EFT themselves and they swear that, although everyone around them has had bad chests and debilitating flu, with the help of tapping they have both remained free themselves.

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Apparently Ben’s mummy had done some EFT on him when he showed signs of a cough and, using an easy toddler word, went through the shortcut method on him and at each point said: “Go away bugs” (bugs is a common short word for germs). She had done this on him a number of times during the winter.

When George started coughing as he sat on my lap, Ben came straight up to him and, in a very matter of fact way, tapped all over his face accurately, saying: “Go away bugs”.

A few weeks later, at lunch, George seemed to be troubled by an itchy patch on his skin (he has a little skin dryness where he sucks his thumb). I looked at him across the table and said: “tap George”, which he did, saying “Go away itch” on each point. After two rounds he stopped and suddenly said in a surprised voice: “it’s gone!”

What a great way to learn EFT.

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