Working with birth and pre-birth trauma

I have been doing a lot of work recently around trauma in the womb and during birth and the early years of life and I’m finding that it allows very rapid changes to take place.

by Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master, Beacon Training

jaqui crooks

People quickly see the world in a very different way and enormous issues can be dealt with quickly and easily.

As an example of this work, a client recently came to me explaining that she felt completely stuck in every area of her life. She didn’t seem to be able to move forward or back and she was experiencing real fear whenever she tried to move, or to do something differently in her life.

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We did some exploring of those feelings using the colour/texture technique that I’ve mentioned in other articles.

The client had many experiences of the same feeling and then she mentioned a recurring dream that had the same feeling. She was in a pink tunnel and her mother was behind her, pushing her forward, but she could go neither forwards nor back. She was feeling panicky and as though she might die.

I asked, as I often do, if there were any stories about her birth and she said that she was born with the cord around her neck. This obviously fitted the dream and the feeling of not being able to go forward or back, so we tapped, linking the probable experience of that baby, to the feelings here and now.

  1. Even though when I was being born I was really stuck with the cord round my neck and I couldn’t go forward or back, I’m OK
  2. Even though I was so stuck and I was terrified and my mum probably was too and I’ve been carrying that terror stored in my cellular memory ever since, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my mum.
  3. Even though that terror has been locked in my cellular memory and maybe other places too, I choose to clear it now. Those things happened and they’re over, I survived and so did my mum and I no longer need that fear in my life now.

Several rounds on a similar theme released the fear from the memory of the dream, the thought of the birth and even from her present day situation. Suddenly she was able to see her current life differently and more creatively. At that point it can be useful to tap on the here and now and the new possibilities of the future.

  1. Even though I’ve been carrying that fear right up to now, I choose to see the world differently.
  2. Even though I felt so stuck, I choose to enjoy noticing new opportunities and new ways of thinking and being, because that works best for me.
  3. Even though I felt so stuck I choose to be free, because it’s what I deserve.

It’s possible to tap on early events such as this, even when you don?t know exactly what happened. You can make assumptions create possible events and tap on “this or anything like this” and the subconscious will make the connections in the same way that it does with borrowing benefits. Have a try and let me know how you get on.

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