Re-integrating the inner child

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Deep State RePatterning is a new process that combines EFT with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and deals with the deep cores of issues. It could be considered as a powerful metaphorical technique that deals with issues carried over from past lives, different generations of the family, pre-birth, birth and current life experiences. (You do not need to believe in past lives, etc, to use this approach).

by Tania A Prince, EFT Master, AAMET Trainer & NLP Trainer

Re-integrating the inner child is a part of the process that occurs after emotionally healing the inner child. This part is done in order to create wholeness and inner harmony.

  1. Completely clear the inner child’s emotions using EFT, until a place of peace is reached
  2. Tap on the karate point and ask the healed inner child if it is OK to re-integrate back with the adult?
  3. Listen to the answer, reassuring the inner child that what it wants is important and that you are listening
  4. If the answer is no, ask “What needs to be healed to allow re-integration?”

This will often provide a tap-able issue. If so, tap it through until it is clear and then re-ask the question, continue until the inner child is OK with re-integrating with the adult.

An example of an objection to re-integration

When asked the re-integration question, the lady asking got a sense or image of fog, like a cloudy sky and a feeling of choking. This was tapped through just using normal EFT language. Instantly the fog lifted, the lady had a sense of the sky being cleared. When asked again about re-integration there was no objection.

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Once you have agreement for re-integration, tap on the karate point and have that sense of bringing that part back on board. Many people have the sense of bringing it into their heart. The following is a typical example of the language used while tapping and re-integrating the inner child.

Karate point: “Having that sense of re-connecting with that part”

Eyebrow: “Beginning to connect with all those wonderful resources”

Side of the eye: “Feeling and sensing that connection in a wonderful way”

Under the eye: “That wonderful (name a quality that that child now has -” an example that I have come across has been wisdom, other examples might be innocence, strength, determination), feeling that now

Under the nose: Connecting with that (name another quality that that child now has - such as determination)

Chin point: Feeling all that strength now as all parts begin to re-connect as one

Collarbone: Feeling all those wonderful feelings and experiencing that sense of oneness, now

Underarm point: “Allowing that integration to complete and sensing those wonderful feelings of connection and wholeness”.

After completing the re-integration process some people have felt a strengthening of their “inner core”, the central part of their body.

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